Does CD block tracking cookies (1st and 3rd party)?

After reading this blog I am wondering what the current CD policy is regarding tracking cookies.
Does it have built in some form of tracking protection and does it use P3P in its code?
Can CD prevent outside parties from circumventing privacy policies?

Ghostery was stating that it has a problem trying to implement its track-blocking technologies into Chromium, so I assume for the others as well by saying that even if we had track-blocking, we cannot block trackers all the time. Sometimes I have to refresh for Ghostery to actually block the trackers that accidentally slip.

CD Devs will have to work hard to embed a built-in track-blocker into its code.

I forgot the address of another site that I read but it was stating that only IE has this P3P, I can be wrong, yes. The problem is less on IE9 than prior versions, and many sites other than Google are exploiting this.

But of course, defend your precious company of its “Do No Evil” motto and make-believe that it does not do any wrong.

Cookie settings in CD can be found:

Options/Under The Hood/Privacy/Content Settings

As far as ‘Do not Track’ you might want to read this P3P is not a problem, in the same way it is for IE, but this may be of interest Privacy Bird

IE is the only big browser supporting p3p. Mozilla dropped support back in 2003. Alos its inventor IBM has abandoned it. Src:Microsoft opent privacyaanval op Google - IT Pro - Nieuws - Tweakers (It’s in Dutch).

It is said to be easily circumvented.