Does CCAV also protect when off line?

Hello everyone, I would like to know if Comodo Cloud Antivirus protects your PC even when ‘offiline that is’ not’ connected to the internet.

For example, if your PC is not 'connected to the Internet and connect a USB key infected, Comodo Cloud Antivirus intervenes or not?

So they are protected even if your PC is offline?

The sandbox will protect you against unknown files even if you are offline. Of course, the AV scanning and Valkyrie analysis won’t work offline

Too bad, I would have preferred to defend your PC against viruses even when it is offline, perhaps by storing the signatures locally and then run in the cloud when online. So the PC is not completely safe if off line.

So I do not know to what extent it is more effective than other free antivirus that also work in the cloud, such as Bitdefender Free.

Thanks anyway for your reply and clarification.

Signatures are not what keeps you safe, sandbox and default deny are. You can run CCAV with no problem with antivirus turned off and not get infected.

So i confirmed that even when the PC is offline, it is still safe from viruses?

It also has the web security? Blocks malicious websites?

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Tha sandbox by default places every unknow file into a containment environment, so you are safe from a virus unless the virus has a digital signature from a trusted vendor.
Of course, since this is Comodo Cloud Anti-virus, it’s supposed to catch viruses too, not only to contain unknown files… otherwise Comodo would have released a Comodo standalone sandbox.
But in order for CCAV to catch a virus, you must be online.

About web filtering, I think CCAV doesn’t have it right now.
My personal choise is to use an adblock (I use ublock origin) and enable the filters for malware domains