Does CAVS preserve last access timestamps? [solved]

Hi Comodo

Programs like ultimatedefrag, systemboosterXP etc. are using last access timestamps. It is therefore important that the scanner of an AV does not alter these, when scanning the entire drive. Therefore I ask if anyone knows if CAVS does this or not? otherwise it should be implemented in a future version.


Tested this, and the result was:

CAVS v. BETA does not preserve last access timestamps!

My understanding is that updating of last access time stamp is managed by NTFS it can be set on and off using the fsutil program (fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1|0), it operates at the volume (disk partition level).

Individual applications should therefore behave according to the value of this setting

If an application like ultimatedefrag wants to know if the file has changed since it last looked it should attach a property to the file for its own purposes. Typically the application would stash the MD5 and or the CRC values into this property when it first looks at a file, next time it looks at the file it would compare the stashed MD5 and/or CRC values to the the current value and act according, stashing the new value(s) into its file property if changed.