Does CAVM Detect & Remove PC Infections? & the 'My Computer' Scan Profile?

Hello Comodo and everyone!

Aside from Mac based malware, does the CAVM detect, or detects and cleans PC infections?

I am a Mac user but I need Windows since my work requires IE.

I use the Comodo Firewall on both my Windows 7 x64 and XP systems, which are on two separate partitions shared on a disk containing the Mac OS X (so I have 3 partitions all together). So far Comodo lives up to it’s Firewall rep. I encountered some vicious malware infection using my work tools but infection stopped coming after putting those tools in the sandbox. Thank you so much for that sandbox I will be buying your paid security feature once I get my tax refund =).

Anywho, some malware is hidden/undetectable while an OS is running and it with would be great if CAVM can detect possible threats on my Windows partitions while being ran on the Mac. I do notice that I am able to drop-and-drag them into the virus scanner and I was able to do a complete scan on both Windows partitions with no threats found (but it the scanner looking for Mac based threat or both Mac and PC based threats).

I also understand cleaning may not be possible of the NTFS system, but the detection feature would be great so that users can at least be aware of the threats, make note of them, and then delete them when running a compatible OS. Also with certain tools, is it possible to modify NTFS file systems using a Mac, so I thought I would ask if similar tools are present. If not, why not make that possible in an update or paid version of the CAVM (and vice versa too? On my Mac computer, I do have ‘read access’ to my Mac OS partition while running Windows, so if I am able to read/scan it, it would be great for the scanner to be effective in picking up threats…maybe you can have the program delete the treats once detected on the Mac OS, and after booting in to the the Windows OS…if possible…)?

Also, does the ‘My Computer’ Scan partition scan other partitions-objects of my hard disk (i.e. my XP and 7 partition), or only just the Mac OS X partition? I haven’t gotten a chance to eye ball the scanner all the way through from beginning to the end to see if my Windows files were part of the scan…if not…can you are a feature in the Scan Profiles section to allow users to choose partitions?

I can say that so far, the CAVM installed and runs smoothly on my system without slow down. It is definitely a better application and the beta one that Avira currently has and is nothing in comparison to the PC version.

If not already, I suggest that the virus definitions of both Mac and PC databases to be pooled into one database so that Comodo products can detect malware on either side of the fence regardless of what OS partition that is currently being used and being scanned. Again, some malware is undetectable unless the infected OS is offline (I’ve had great success with Malwarebyle running in safemode on a PC…too bad they don’t have a Mac version), thus the offline feature is needed, whether you’re a PC or Mac user, or a Mac + PC user.