Does BOClean quit 100% when I shut it down?

Does BOClean really terminate when I quit the program? I mean, some programs like to stay in the background and taking up system resources even after the GUI has been closed down.

No you have to shut down the service BOCore.

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Hiya … all of BOClean (and its hooks) go away when you shut it down, no other secret “updates” or other percolating taxis in traffic when you select “shut down BOClean.” It isn’t necessary to go through the additional step of shutting down BOCORE in normal usage, it’s only 70K in size which these days doesn’t amount to much and its only purpose is to listen to the kernel for notifications. So by all means shut it down if you wish to, but there’s nothing “funky” going on there which requires the extra step unless you really want to …

Thanks for the info Kevin.
I only shut it down (+ all other non essential processes) when I do a image on Vista.
Thank you

When I configure BOClean to start at bootup and to monitor the system continuously, two processes are started: BOC427.exe and BOCore.exe. If I select “Shut down BOClean” from the BOClean menu, BOCore.exe is left running.

If I configure BOClean not to monitor the system continuously, and then shut down BOClean, BOCore is still left running.

It is BOCOre that runs for 2 minutes at maximum CPU rate when I start BOClean and continues to run intermittently at high CPU rate for 5 - 10 seconds for no reason that I can fathom. This is why I kill the BOCore process using Sysinternals’ Process Explorer after I start my PC.

If you can comment on why BOCore is left running when the whole point of shutting down BOClean is to get rid of both processes, I would be very interested.

I would also like to know why BOCore uses so much CPU power intermittently when I have added every process to the “excluder” that is present in my system.