does anyone know when some new features are coming to dragon or what they are

also does anyone know if any of the ideas on the wishlist or new ideas for dragon are accepted

New features for Dragon 11 release:

  • Button on toolbar to share page (via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).
  • Ability to specify proxy settings only for Dragon (Wrench > Options > Under the hood).
  • Ability to clear history on exit (Wrench > Options > Under the hood).
  • New installer.

You can see them in beta already:

are these features that comodo is implementing into dragon exclusively or are they features that are built in to the next version of chromium that comodo will be building off of by default. so what i’m asking is, are these features going to be added to chromium by comodo from scratch?

These are Dragon-specific features, that are absent in Chromium.

awesome, now average users will start seeing dragon as a competitive browser as dragon adds more relevant features that users can easily discover and see as useful aside from the extra privacy and security features that dragon offers. dragon users will get better protection even if they don’t know it as dragon becomes more known and gains more market. great job comodo. i hope you guys never discontinue dragon. you guys can really push the envelope for security standards in browsers which will make other browses have to step up in the security department for browsers and will create a chain reaction of browsers making it safer to get online