Does anyone know how to configure Comodo firewall to work with VNC??

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Hiya Comodo loving people !!!

I need your help!. I am trying to configure the firewall to allow VNC to receive incoming requests for remote access, and currently havent had much luck. I am a newbie to using and configuring the Comodo firewall.

My Computer is connected to a router which acts as my internet modem (broadband) and network lan switch. Currently I have set up the router to allow TCP traffic in from the internet via port 4100 which is mapped to VNC programs default port 5900.

My question is how do I configure the network program monitor settings in the firewall to allow remote connection from another pc to my home computer setup?

Wondering if you had any luck. I have a similar network at home, but am unable to apply firewall rules to allow a remote viewer to connect to the machine running the VNC server (the server machine also has comodo running). Port forwarding on the router works correctly (tested)

Thanks alot???


Since VNC uses a single port and you’ve mentioned that you’ve forwarded port 4100 inbound to port 5900 (VNC’s default) I’m assuming that the remote installation of VNC is configured to use port 4100 for comms. If so, you’ll also need to add an outbound port mapping on your router to forward outbound comms from the LAN on port 5900 to port 4100 outbound. Without this, your outbound comms are being sent to port 5900, while your remote installation is sitting listening on port 4100.

The network monitor rule you’ll need to add is as follows;

Action : ALLOW
Direction : IN/OUT
Protocol : TCP/UDP
Source IP : ANY
Destination IP : ANY
Source Port : 5900
Destination Port : 5900

Let us know if this works.
Ewen :slight_smile: