Does anyone have problems with newest youtube design using CD?

So youtube has changed it’s design…again, what the heck was wrong with last one?.. I just got used to that one…

Anyway, now one the left menu click “My subscribtions”, you’ll be given a list of newely added videos from your subscriptions and possibly other actions. Now there’s small button in the top right corner of each video, where you can change a few settings to that subscription. The problem is that I can click them, but there is no effect (you can’t check or uncheck stuff in that menu), does anyone else have that problem? And I updated flash just in case.

P.S. this new design seems to be present only in CD, in IE and Firefox it’s the old design, how do I cange it back?

Hi Maniak2000,
Does clearing your browsing data help?

Yeah, that helped, thanks.

Glad that helped.