Does anyone else have this ?! I need some info !

So here’s the thing: if I right-click CIS’s tray icon and select Exit and then press Yes when asks if I’m sure I want to close it, I’ve noticed that cfp.exe dissapears from task manager !
Then if I double-click CIS’s desktop icon, the cfp.exe is back in task manager again and the tray icon is present again !

But isn’t cfp.exe responsable for the firewall, or I’m just makin’ an error here ?! And if I close it, isn’t that supposed to close only the gui ?!
If so, that means I’m left without firewall protection ! I see that Security Center doesn’t alert me about it, maybe the firewall is not closed !?

Noticed that cmdagent.exe still runs though !

I’m using win xp pro sp3 x32 user account.

Am I being a total noob here or what ?! If someone can inform me about this I would appreciate it !

Thanks !

cfp.exe is main GUI.
cmdagent.exe is the real thing. ;D

Oh, right then ! I’ve read somewhere that cfp.exe is for the firewall !
Wasn’t sure about it, thank you for the info ! Now I’m at peace again !

Cfp.exe is the client program which instructs the underwater process cmdagent.exe. Cmdagent.exe is doing the actual work.

Let me add to your paranoia. If you have D+ disabled, cmdagent.exe can be killed and leave you unprotected. cmdagent.exe isn’t protected by any other CIS “module”. You must use D+ to protect cmdagent.exe.

If you exit the client (cfp.exe), will cmdagent.exe still block the files that you have put in Blocked Files?

Yes it will.