Does anybody use 800x600 display anymore?

I am using 800x600 resolution on my computer and Comodo Firewall wont completely display all of its window! I wonder if they could find a way to accomidate us??


There is an issue with certain display set ups currently affecting how pop ups are displayed. There will be a fix soon for this.


Well, I wasnt really talking about popups… They seem to work for me just fine… Problem is that the main windows are huge and I can’t see everything in the main window (I dont know what Im missing, if anything).

I use the 800x600 with a ATI Gigabyte Radeon 9250 128MB Video Card set to 32 bits and have no problems with the display. You do however loose about 1/8 inch around the edges of the Comodo screens. I haven’t noticed anything in this area though. As a workaround, just click on the fit to window tab (center icon) top right of screen and this should take care of any botton edge missing data. Hope this helps.

Could you post a screenshot, if Leebme’s description is not your problem, so we can see in more detail.


I have attached a screenshot but I think it would be really easy for you to just go into 800x600 and see for yourself that you cannot view the entire window :slight_smile:

You can move the window up more than I did and see a bit more but still… I think the UI could be shrunk down slightly to accomidate us ancient displays :slight_smile:

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Ok, I have the same problem here (when changed to 800x600). I’m sure Comodo will look into this if they see this thread, if they do not already know of this problem.