Does anybody know when adblock plus will be avaible for IE 10?

Hi I sow one time there will be finally an adblock plus addons for IE, I want to know if anybody know o date or something?

Is adblock plus allowing some of the google ads now?

No date yet. Check Releases | Adblock Plus and (a little) more

found this.

when are we going to see comodos ad blocker?

Hi Melih,
It can be configured to allow/block so called no intrusive ads, some Google ads are included in the non-intrusive list (Attached).
Allowing acceptable ads in Adblock Plus
Also it would depend on your personal filters.

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Thx for sharing Melih

Is this Privalert or something different ?

i have been working on something…:slight_smile:

Any idea when we will get Privalert back?

you will get something else…

As an interesting spoiler, if you like, could you tell us which of the extensions I recommend for Comodo Dragon in my article here the new product can replace?

An amazing My Little Pony theme? =D

I’ll bet it’s DACS. They always said it was coming back. Yeah, that’s what I think of the tease. Not interested in another Comodo dead end. Wake me up when you guys decide you want to finish CPM 2.0.

OOO the tension builds :smiley:

Very intriguing! ;D :-TU

My new favorite extension is Collusion for Chrome
I use it in Cyberfox but didn’t realize it was available for Chrome til yesterday… and with even more power :slight_smile:

“Some-ads-blocked plus”.
Wow this article is just a poor stunt.

“Imagining an ignoring user, who is able to find an add on, able to integrate a filter, UNable to do a choice.”
“And if this user see an ad that he does not want, he is unable to block it with one click of a button.”

I dont know why this article was linked here.

When i saw this setting for the first time, i thought:
Nice way to make advertising acceptable for everyone. Site owners will use advertisings that are not annoying, because they are not blocked by default.
I kept it enabled, but i do make settings. Surprised?

It is never recommended to use something default. Yet, those articles describe it as the way to go. And then “pseudo-investigative discoverings of this lack in user behaviour” is projected onto the tool.
While there even isnt a problem in this case. As long as you dont try hard to “create” a problem out of nothing.