Does anybody know if pinnacle.exe is malware?

Does anybody know if pinnacle.exe from Pinnacle Game Profiler ( is malware? CIS does not like it, cos defense+ prevents it from being executed. Defense+ says that it tries to access memory of comodo’s cfp.exe. If I disable defense+, then still pinnacle.exe can’t run. I did add it to trusted files and I also tried to run it in the sandbox, but still pinnacle.exe can’t run. If I uninstall CIS, then pinnacle.exe runs.

Does anybody know if there is an issue with pinnacle.exe?

I looked it up and it is not malware but a lot of security products are flagging it through heuristic detection. Zone Alarm and Kaspersky seem to be the main ones. It’s a program to setup and monitor game controllers and keyboards so I would think a lot of HIPS based products, like Comodo, would see it as suspicious as well as other products employing a high level of heuristics. Many people are reporting false positive detection in the Pinnacle forums. I would suggest you look there for your answers.

Ic, thanks for your swift reply. I already did look on the pinnacle forum and I did post there too. But till now no reply. Though I did read replies to other members with the same problems. In general the developers reply was “comodo” has to fix this. Lol… guess his world is standing upside down.

Anyway, but why does CIS still not accept pinnacle if I add all it’s files to the “My Own Safe Files” list in defense+? I also tried to run them in the sandbox, but still not helping. It looks like CIS ignores those lists. It even won’t work if I disable CIS.

I still believe that the meaning of the word “disable” is that it’s functions are disabled. Guess CIS thinks different about that.

Did you try adding Pinnacle to the trusted vendors list? As to why it still flags it after you have made it a trusted file, I can’t say. I agree that doesn’t make much sense. In addition to adding it to “My Own Safe Files” there is a way to set it as a trusted application but that’s under the Firewall section so I’m not sure if it would make a difference in allowing it to run.