Does a Mac need added settings

I set up TC and my browser and tunnelblick show that I am connected. However, I am no longer able to connect to peers using either Utorrent for Mac or TransmisssionBT.

Utorrent shows a blue down arrow for “Downloading”, but a yellow light for no incoming connections. The number of peers shows on Utorrent/Mac but zero connectioned. I am able to connect fine when I disconnect tunnelblick, with my old port forward settings so it tells me something is wrong when I try to use the two apps on TC.

I have spent days “searching” for an answer to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

What kind of service are you using - free or paid? Free subscription has certain network limitations:

I am on a free account, however if utorrent and transmission use TCP–so why should they be effected by the limitations?

and, Thanks very much for answering, I really appreciate it.


The free account has restrictions regarding the usage of ports, so only certain protocols are allowed. Torrent clients in such conditions will not work.