does a daily scan with COMODO cause any harm to the HDD?

i posted in the thread about the new version of CIS, where i stated that i do a daily customized scan with CIS, which used to take about one hour and now with the new version about 90 minutes. i do this for two years now. a user told me that daily scanning is unecessary and even added that it is “bashing the HDD”. so the question is: does daily scanning cause any harm to the HDD? at what interval the scanning should be performed? thank you for your answers.

The AV component already checks every file on your computer. The scan on demand means that the hard drive has to read all the data on it, so theoretically would bring the hard disk to wear out earlier than the normal life cycle. Imho a weekly scan is more than enough

thank you, jackor, for your reply. :slight_smile: