Does a Browser really need to block attack sites

Just after your thoughts, does a Browser really need to block reported attack sites when you are running good up to date antivirus program? Also antiphishing, antimalware, web forgeries etc. Older Browsers didn"t have all this and antivirus programs have only got better. Are we getting to paranoid with protection? Just some thoughts. Kind regards to all, Bye.

In my opinion YES, there was an incident recently on a forum i regularly frequent concerning a javascript exploit. The resulting download (from a Russian site) was caught by most av`s but not all. Google/Firefox flagged the site as unsafe so probably stopped a number of people getting infected until the infection was removed from the server and the site got a clean bill of health.

The work isn`t being done locally so has no overhead, thus is an extra layer of protection.

Thanks Matt, just your reply alone is good enough reason to leave them enabled. Thanks again