Does a bit-torrent client need to recive internet connections??

Hello guys, and specially to those who participate in this topic, many thanx an appreciation :-La

I am using CIS5 , and I use halite for torrents, now
my Question is, if I only need to download and seed torrents( only), should I , or should I not allow Halite to receive connections from the internet, I blocked the request, and I could seed with no prob, but will I be able
to download, ( I know I could try, but sense the tracker is private, and that I am able to seed, I only should think that there should be no prob. ) , my concern ( why should a torrent client receive connection from internet )

If receiving connection from internet does not affect downloadin/seeding , then to hell with it …

I also use block lists with Halite, will that have an affect on the blocking??

The reason why I started the topic is that I would like comodo to stay on top of all running apps on my PC

thank you all guys