Documents on my external hard drive is now showing as archive

Can anyone help please?
Having just installed Comodo system cleaner and run full system clean including analyse/clean registry, disc privacy etc.

Now when using word documents within my external hard drive I get error message when trying to save. If I say ‘no’ I lose the document. If I say ‘yes’ it’s saved as a tmp then disappears. After looking at document properties the archive box is now ticked.

Can you please help?

I think this has to do with cleaning “unused file extensions”, did you happen to have a backup of this “clean” action ?

If so i would restore it, reboot and see if that resolves your problem, if it does run a scan again and check if you have that specific extension under “unused file extensions” ?


CSC does not set any “Archive” flag of a file. Actually it does not mess with file attributes. Anyway, we should see what happened there and if it has anything to do with CSC. Please send me the logs of the cleaning(txt files in installation folder).