Documentation Required? [Resolved]


We are considering purchase a code signing certificate for signing the EPOS software we produce.
I have a couple of questions. I work for a Limited company in the UK, what kind of documentation do we need to provide?

Thanks Stu


All validation FAQs are listed on the support web site:,1

If you need more information please submit a ticket ( and select Validation Docs Enquiry.

Let them know what you are wishing to purchase and they will be able to tell you what documentation is required.


Thanks for the very quick reply, Garry.

I’ll have a look at the links and raise a ticket if I need help.

Cheers Stu


Just got a reply back from my email.

We would accept a company registration number, on which we would check Companies House records. Alternatively, a utility bill, phone bill or business license would be acceptable.

So that answers my question about business use.

Thanks Stu