Documentation Available?

This is one meaty application! Is there any documentation (i.e. .pdf) available for download?


There is actually quite a good help file that you can browse/search.

Yep look for %Programfiles%\COMODO\Firewall\cfp.chm

Yes, very true. It has an uncommonly thorough Help file. However, I also like something portable, that I can read elsewhere - on my commute for example. I actually find this kind of matter pleasurable reading… I also like to keep all my manuals in one place so I can consult several at once when doing comparisons, testing, evaluations, etc.

The previous version did have downloadable documentation. Is it possible to convert the Help file to a .pdf and post? Can’t be that difficult, huh?

You can print that too :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway some members are going to write a cfp manual so you could get that too. But if I remember correctly they intended to create a wiki.