Doc validation beyond frustrating -- and I've been a "valued" customer for years

(Vent alert - renewing again with Comodo - when will I learn?)

Stuck in validation hell.

Comodo has the WHOIS record - listing my name, address, phone number - the same as it’s been for 10 years.

Comodo has my cell phone statement - listing my name address and phone number.

But they want me to update an online directory with my cell phone and name. There is no updating to be done. It is a cell phone!!!

Searching on any of the online directories - my name comes up with the address. My cell phone comes up with the provider and the phone number. But then I have to PAY to get something that says my name and my number? I don’t get it.

Meantime, after sending a CA driver license to Comodo, I get another email saying to send a valid ID because the one sent is expired. I guess Comodo lives in the future - it expires in 2017. (Very plain to see.)

Comodo said they’d change my email as requested from webmaster@ to support@ … but they have yet to send me an email to support@ - it’s always webmaster@ (despite my forwarding the email from them saying they changed it… nope, they did not.)

And it’s all coming back to me. It took well over a month the last time to “verify” with Comodo - I’ve been a customer of Comodo’s in good standing for nearly 10 years!!! My cell phone is the same number as it has been for 13 years. The address is the same as it has been for 13 years.

I definitely will not be renewing in the future.

If it is not resolved in the next 48 hours, I’m cancelling my 5 year certificate and going elsewhere. This is plain ridiculous.

Because of Comodo’s obvious errors – they cannot change an email address - even after saying they did and they ignore numerous reminders. They don’t think WHOIS records count for anything. They ask for one “bill” to verify – then say, well, no, we need bank records, water bills, etc. they don’t know how to read an expiration date. I think I need to validate them!)

I apologize for any inconvenience and frustration brought about by our validation process. Unfortunately, even though you are a returning customer, a lot has changed in terms of the verification practices we must follow due to the changes to industry requirements brought about by the CA/B Forum Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly Trusted Certificates, which can be found here: Due to those industry requirements, while we may have verified your information in the past, we may require additional information to bring us into compliance with the new standards.

At this point it appears that we have gathered all information and just need to complete a callback to your verified phone number in order to complete the verification process and get your certificate issued. You should have received an email at the support [at] address with instructions for completing that process. Please feel free to PM me if you have further difficulties.