Do you want Comodo to have exe. whitelisting, to check before installing program

Would this be a good idea for Comodo to start a database or a cloud based TVL where the exe. of a program is whitelisted, and if not, warn the user. If the exe. was checked before downloading, then it could be assumed safe to run without having to sandbox it only after installing it. Right now it seems a program is only sandboxed after installing it, allowing it to be on the hard drive in the first place.

What we should have is a way for Comodo to only allow verified trusted installers to make it to the hard drive so that a user doesn’t have to install it first…

You’ve just described an antivirus program.

that’s not what I meant. In some cases, Comodo will let you install a program fully to the hard drive, THEN when you run it, a popup opens and says It’s not white listed. Instead, why doesn’t Comodo have the exe. of a file in a white list so that when I try to install it, it can popup with the name of the Program being installed and whether you can trust it or not. then give you the option to “Trust the program” in the future. The problem is that Comodo can allow malware to install.