Do you want a pop-up notification - Update AV bases.

We need it or not?

  1. After update notification pops up (at the bottom of the screen): AV databases are updated.

  2. Just after, the set period of time, if the update does not happen (example: with the problems on the server), a notification pops up: Time expired database updates. Databases are not updated.

(Warning time) is set in the settings notification AV.


Voted yes, however as long as they don’t tab me out of full-screen applications. It can wait with the pop-up until after I exit the full-screen application.

The V5 series had a nice lil pop up saying an update is being downloaded/installed don’t know why it was taken out of 6.

+1. I asked for it before 88)

+1. I asked for it before Roll Eyes
Thank you. Seany I did not see your request. Maybe it was not a vote? ;) In any case I think this vote will be useful.

Who vote- No.
Please. Explain your vote.

Would be better to have an option in the vote - Yes, with an option in settings to display the popup/hide the popup

sounds good :-TU CIS update itself I know but I want to inform about it.

Thank you.

+1 :-TU

+1 yes yes yes :-TU