Do you use UAC?

Do you guys use UAC in Win 7\8, or it’s the first thing you disable?

Do you think CIS auto-sandbox replaces UAC?

If UAC had “remember this program” or “trust this program” checkbox, would you be more likely to use it \ leae it on?

I disable it, but would leave it on, if it could remember programs I trust instead of asking every single time.

On Windows 7 the first thing I did after a new install was disable UAC.

Now in Windows 8(.1) I would do the same thing, but I’ve noticed that simply changing the settings to never notify will still leave it active in the background and this would block certain applications from launching on system startup, so I did some registry edits to completely disable UAC and while it worked for my applications, it also disabled pretty much anything ModernUI except the start screen (no store, no apps etc) and I think it also blocked something else, point is that:

  • Simply disabling UAC would block applications on System startup
  • Completely disabling UAC through registry would allow the applications but would block certain Windows 8(.1) features.
  • Having it enabled would alert me every time I would start my computer.

So in the end I decided to just leave it on and show me alerts, I spent more than 10 hours in a row trying to figure out how to get my scripts and applications to run on startup without showing UAC alert… Literally impossible, some people say it’s possible but I’ve followed all guides using Task Scheduler and can’t get it to work, so I ended up simply removing the scripts that required Administrator rights from running on startup and I disabled auto-start on the affected applications (which I have since uninstalled)

So yes, I do have UAC enabled but not without great frustration and anger, it would be awesome if one could make it remember to allow an application, this whole thing wouldn’t be an issue then.

Well in 8.1 (maybe in 8 and 7 too) if you open properties of any executable and go to compatibility tab, there is “Run program as administrator” checkbox… So that’s one way of making UAC remember things, I guess, though a bit cumbersome.

UAC alerts you with the “Yes” “No” every time you try to launch that application, at least if it’s set to auto-start, or at least it does that for me.

I read if you tick “run as administrator” in compatibility tab of whatever you’re trying to autorun…or just run, UAC will prompt you only once after that.

And I think disabling UAC completly from registry, only blocks windows shop and metro\ modern apps, so if you don’t use them (like me) I don’t see the problem.

Well where ever you read that, they were probably wrong. I just tried it and it alerted me every time I tried to launch the application.

I have had same issues as Sanya IV Litvyak, tried everything and all tricks, nothing works, this UAC thing is very annoying at times, would be awesome if it could be told to remember the answer so only get one prompt, why should we have to click ‘Yes’ every time for something we want to happen and is safe at every boot time, Microsoft need to hire HIP’s developers to help them get a clue on how to do the UAC right 88)

Oh…the “run as administrator” doesn’t work, neither does the task scheduler trick either, so wish someone could find a way to over come this annoyance :frowning:

Hi, though I do not have problems with UAC on Win7. Here’s something that might be of help to you:

I disable UAC as soon as I set the Auto-Sandbox to Limited or higher.

It’s just another layer of security, I guess. Not efficient at all with most of exploits.
Perhaps that’s why they recommend using a Limited Account and password for Administrator Account.