Do you use the sandbox and why?

Didn’t know this, using x86 32bit since the begining and in no chance I am going to switch to x64 ;D

I know about drop my rights, just didn’t know it was on by default in 64bit config, thanks! :-TU :-TU :-TU

In the latest beta version they’re implementing a new stronger protection for 64 bit systems…that should be effective like the 32 bit one…

Latest beta works great! :smiley:

Thanks for DropRights info. I didn’t know that the Sandboxie has it. I even used to start Internet application thru labels like “…Sandboxie\Start.exe” “…\DropMyRights.exe” “…\opera.exe” to strip admin rights and then to put into Sandboxie (in XP it’s rather tiresome to use Restricted User accaunt).

This test is silly.
If you empty Sandboxie before doing any online banking or shopping, then there is no way a keylogger can be running inside Sandboxie while typing in confidential info.
Of course, if you have a keylogger on your real system it can still keylog, but if you always go online sandboxed and then empty your sandbox when your done, then no keylogger will end up on your real system either.

If a user was so silly as to never empty their sandbox, then why bother using a sandbox.

Before I installed an SSD in my desktop computer I used the Schneier’s 7 pass algorithm in Eraser to overwrite the sandbox.


Do you use the sandbox and why?

No. I don’t use Comodo’s “Sandbox”.

  1. (most important) My drive/partition “C” is only for OS, and OS only. I couldn’t be able to move its own folder to another drive/partition with success.

  2. I can’t delete it’s content easily/quickly. Neither ‘kill’ running processes.

  3. It is NOT a real sandbox. It IS a half-content-cage only. (extensively discussed already)

  4. SBIE, even its free version, does what I expect for. And, thinking on the real ‘sandbox’ concept, it is really much better.

BUT, since its first version, it is getting (slowly) better…

Shadow Defender is also a good alternative…

BufferZone Pro is free alternative.

Nice one, siketa!!! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

I’m afraid BufferZone has some contradictions with Comodo Time Machine. I got BSOD when I tried BZ, so I had to rollback to previous snapshot in CTM.

CTM is pretty much dead and hazardous software. Only lunatic would use it at this point (or in any other point in the past for that matter).