Do you use Comodo Secure DNS?

Prehaps there has been a poll like this already… Ive have had some stuff to do and has not been that active here. Anyway, I have yet to test this actually… Since Iam kinda happy with what I got now…

It would be interesting to see who uses this service and who isn’t… O0 :-TU

Tried it for a couple of days, then went back to OpenDNS because of the configuration options.

If (hopefully ‘when’) Comodo adds this to SecureDNS, maybe I’ll give it another whirl :wink:

After reading up on SecureDNS, it seems OpenDNS offers more customizability. Even if I just use the block phishing sites of Opendns. (I don’t have kids at home and can regulate my own browsing)

SecureDNS is a start, OpenDNS has existed for a while. I don’t see anything new in SecureDNS when comparing the 2 other then Comodo wanting to have their own DNS servers.

I have used it but it shut me out from a couple of websites that I know are safe and I use all the time, so went back to my ISP automatically.


These alternative DNS do little for me, but I have to use a VPN to connect to my ISP. you can see the difference in the screen shot.

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i use it all th time, havint had any problems with any sites so far.

I use it, no issues.
I did not reprogram my router, though.

I use it. It is faster and more secure than my previous DNS server. And the speed is really noticeable. :comodorocks:

Same here. ;D

I’ve been using CS DNS for some time it it worked fine. Now I use Open DNS and it works the same, however as Beanie posted, Open DNS has more filtering settings.