Do you use a 3rd Party AV + Comodo Firewall

It seems there are compatibility issues when it comes down to mixing CIS with 3rd party AVs.

So does anyone here use a 3rd party AV other than Windows Defender with Comodo Firewall?

If so, which 3rd party AV do you use?

No… CIS protect with four modules protections. Others antivirus can leave we PCs slow, beyond interfere negative one at the other…

sorry my english

I don’t use CFW with another AV myself (am using CIS right now) but I have helped some friends in using Comodo Firewall alongside other AVs.

Either Kaspersky Security Cloud Free or Bitdefender Free Antivirus. They offer strong detection ratio coupled with Javascript and Object scanning during browsing, as well as good Phishing protection. First install the chosen AV, then install Comodo.

You will need to create mutual exceptions/trust rules between CFW and the chosen AV to avoid compatibility issues. Example, include the AV folder at Program Files as an exception at Don’t Detect shellcode injections in these applications and include Comodo’s folder at Program Files as an exception in all modules of the AV.

Also make sure all .exe and .dll files from the AV folder at Program Files are rated as Trusted by Comodo File Rating. Better to disable VirusScope as well since at the moment it is not on par with the Behavior Blocker module of those mentioned AVs.

This is not guaranteed it will solve all conflicts but my friends said they haven’t found any compatibility issues so far when doing the above.


Reese- There is a product that Compliments CF very, very well without any incompatibilities, Kaspersky Anti Ransomware Tool. This is more than just an anti-ransomware product as it utilizes a Cloud function to detect other malware (scriptors, worms, keyloggers, etc). The AV capabilities compliment those of Comodo, and will kick in after CF has a chance to detect and delete the malware.

Note that KAR does not have an on-demand scanning function- but such on-demand scanning is really pointless anyway (think about it).

Also, the uninstall routine works fine if you determine that you hate it.

Found here: Free Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool | Kaspersky

This is a very interesting suggestion, thank you!