Do you trust internet?


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The internet in general? NO! No matter what platform you use, no matter what security you have your still at risk.

Very general question as Info-Sec points out, but I have to say no as well. No software or platform can change that, it’s fact that the internet is not possible to trust. But software can reduce or eliminate threats - so software and personal judgment result in “it doesn’t matter that I don’t trust the internet”. I’m doing fine anyway, I’m more concerned for many millions of people - because criminals take advantage of their lack of knowledge, which I believe causes higher prices for insurances etc. since people lose money and blame theirs banks… :-TD

Someone has to pay for criminals who gain money because of an internet we cannot trust, and it’s not themselves, it’s you and me!


It depends what you mean by trust internet.
Trust it to provide information?

you see, we don’t want to get into specifics, we just want to guage the overall feeling of Internet and Trust…


Not me! If I did I would have all my money tied up in Canadian drugs, ■■■■■ extenders, downloaded software, porn, penny stocks, Rolex copies, … But at least I would be a member of the Zombie Army-maybe a General by now, since I have 4 computers. :BNC It’s a dangerous place out there!

To me TRUST needs to be earned and tinternet has not got the greatest reputation for being a place of truth and honesty.
Trouble is the few out there who scam etc get a lot more publicity than those who do worthwhile stuff and there completely faceless.

But hey for all its faults its still a ■■■■■■ good ■■■■■(bit like women really) :wink:

No, Melih, I don’t trust the internet at all.

The internet is a rather new communication possibility for all humanoids created by some humanoids.

Do you trust every woman who tells you she’s in love with you?

Keep in mind we pretend to have knowledge about women for over 1 million years…

Almost the same with the internet (still young under historical perspective). Some really love you, some don’t.

If you naively trust them all, you’ll have way too many problems, cheaters, lies that hurt, chinese hackers, radical idiots with zero intelligence inside and…last but not least… babies that call you daddy even if you won’t ever get to know who’s their mother.


That question is more or less like: “Do you trust everyone, even if they are completely unknown?”
I have to say no, and no software in this world will change that, not even Comodo’s :-[

The question should read: “Do you feel safe while you are online?” And my answer to that question would be “pretty much” as there is no such thing like complete safety.

I totally do agree with weaker here.


too general a question would be like saying do you trust cars, some i would some i wouldn’t,

same for the internet I do and I don’t, my main concern would be at individuals mainly black hats or certain ones. that type of people are what makes me weary of the internet

As much as I trust Ganda to be a senior hacker. Perhaps 10 years ago when I was ignorant and didn’t know what a firewall was or the dangers of the internet. Or maybe not even back then since trust wasn’t a factor something to think about - it was just a means of communication and entertainment (not that it still isn’t ^_^).

But I still retain some small percentage of trust in it. E.g. I still perform very little online banking.

The internet in isolation? No.
The internet if you take reasonable security measures into account? Yes, bit with due caution.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes but only because I apply common sense when it comes to my browsing habits.

The question is very general but since I also understand that it’s whether I feel reasonably safe or not, I voted yes.

You know the saying,practise safe sex use a condom!
You know the saying,practise safe computing use Comodo!


You can’t trust everything and everyone anywhere. Not in real life and not on the Internet. But I do feel (reasonably) secure; I do bank online and purchase products as well. In fact, I think\hope there is less “local risk” (on my pc) than there is for example of personal information being stolen from a bank by a hacker.

i vote “yes” for this ;D

i vote “no”. i don’t even trust my sisters >:(

couldn’t agree more, if used with a bit of common sense and maturity along with the right security setup its simply GREAT. (S)

when i was new to the internet, i knew no better about the dangers and only when I fell victim a couple of times did I educate myself on the best way to surf safely.

now though I’m more mature when it comes to being on here, i feel more secure that I have security software and hardware in place to prevent being susceptible to most ■■■■.
as for surfing safely well I prefer my freedom to click on whatever i want but knowing what it is and if something weird seems like it may happen then knowing what to do or even not worrying because my computer will counter it and keep me safe ;D

thats about it really. its like life you could get stabbed, run over or whatever but it shouldn’t prevent you from eperiencing life and living it. the net is kinda same just a virtual world with real people and some insane ones LOL