Do you still use an AntiVirus?

As time passes I notice that Antivirus- installers becoming larger, the system runs slow, Updates becoming larger, an increased rate of FPS and a lower detection rate.

I don’t use an AV. I use virtulization and software restriction, What bout you?

I use CIS’s AV.

I use AV on-demand scanners on my PC, but rarely. I use these also to check someone’s PCs (friends, relatives).
I install AV-only solutions (with real-time engine) on their PCs (and activate Windows Firewall to take care of inbound threats).

I find a real time av solution still useful, as it is in my humble opinion an extra layer of protection which is not an unnecessary luxury in this harsh somewhat dangerous virtual world…

I still use an antivirus running in real-time.

I use CIS AV purely “for fun”. Since CFP 3.0 I considered my need of AV to be little or absent, so it’s just for fun now. I like the fact that people around the world hunt malware and send me signatures for free. >:-D