Do You Scan Files with Comodo?


I’m a little confused about Comodo’s anti-malware feature. Most anti-malware programs, such as Malwarebytes or Spyware Terminator, let you scan files for malicious or suspicious code. They have options in Windows Explorer’s right-click context menus.

I see no such thing in Comodo. Am I missing something? Or does Comodo only block malware from entering your computer?

If there is a scan option, where is it, and can it be scheduled? Thank you. Jd

Hello Jd

Yes If you have The Antivirus Component Installed,
You may open CIS > AntiVirus

There you should “Run A Scan” / Scan Settings and All other sorts of options

You could schedule it in “Scan Settings” I believe

Was this any help to you?

Hi, thanks for replying.

Well…I already have an anti-virus program on my computer, so I didn’t plan on installing a second.

I was under the impression that the anti-malware tool was separate from the anti-virus feature. Is that correct or incorrect?


I believe you’re using Comodo BoClean?

You can uninstall that tool, it’s not supported anymore. To explain what it did : BoClean watched your memory, when malware runs, it has to go naked into the memory, boclean had a nice shot to snap it then.

Comodo BoClean is now integrated into Comodo Internet Security, the standalone versie has now become outdated.

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Hi Guys,

Hi jdanniel,

The original poster asked

Most anti-malware programs … let you scan files for malicious or suspicious code. They have options in Windows Explorer’s right-click context menus.
about Shell Extension (Explorer) integration as far as I understand the question - the right-click thingie option that all AVs have.

Since I don’t use Comodo AV I cannot answer the question, at the same time I’m kinda interested myself and cannot get the responses (unless I’m missing something, please correct me…)

There is “scheduled scan”/ there is non-existing any more BOClean… and so on,

… but is there Shell Extension implemented?

Can user Right-Click and scan any given folder or file?

Thanks in advance



basically all contemporary Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware solutions do have anti-malware; anti -virus; anti-spyware; etc. integrated because you cannot really draw the line (distinguish) and conclude - “that” is a malware … but “this” is a virus…
You may get for example a rogue antivirus downloaded and installed … which will bring the spyware… then the trojan… later into your PC and the latter will eventually will download & install a rootkit…

There is a shell extension.

I’m assuming there is not a context menu option unless the anti-virus tool is installed. Is that correct?

Yes thats correct

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Eric & Jacob, thanks for clarifying that.
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