Do you save your data in the cloud and do you understand the consequences?

With recent events regarding cloud privacy and security, I though this would be interesting.

Well I’m not fond of online-backups for example, no matter how much the company writes they will protect it and encrypt it etc, I prefer an other method of saving my precious data offline and offsite.

I see also no use of putting my mobile number on a facebook account that I don’t own…

But then again maybe I’m to paranoid :wink:

I don’t have confidence in cloud backup for the moment. But sadly cloud computing is the trend and in a few years time I believe that it’ll be practically impossible to avoid it.

Do i save my data in the cloud?.. Depends, on what and how far you meant by cloud?..
Do I understand the consequences?.. Yeah; I do. Do i understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of the cloud? yeah i read 10’s and 20’s books of the cloud and used different technologies and software that practice “Cloud Computing”… Do i think it’s a good thing? … Simply No…

My simple answer… :slight_smile:
Want a detailed one?

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Dutch government announced today that it won’t use external cloud services as they are a security and privacy risk and are in general not “mature enough”. It was decided to continue developing a government internal cloud.

I don’t have files I really want to keep secret. But Wuala encrypts the files before uploading them to their servers, if they are set as private.

And LastPass does the same.

Indeed! Dropbox encrypts data too but they’ve just changed their policy and will now decrypt users data if asked to do so. I appreciate this is not a major issue, but I was just curious.

Personally, I keep everything locally, not that I have anything to hide, its simply a matter of retrieval speed, as I don’t have a super-fast Internet connection. There again, even if I did, I’d not be inclined to trust a third party service, especially in the US, with my data.

All of my data on Wuala is just a backup of my local data, so I also have it locally. In addition, my LastPass vault is stored on my computer too…it just sends updates to the server, and checks for any updates too.

Lastpass security breach more good reasons not to trust the cloud, even if data is stored locally…;msg516286#msg516286

Yes, I saw that, it was posted a few days after my post and I didn’t feel the need to comment :wink:

Personally i don`t trust the cloud to store any of my critical data, but at the end of the day if you have given your details to anywhere over the internet the potential is there for that data to be mined. From someone gaining access to the servers and grabbing the data to someone from inside taking it. Nothing is 100% secure, a lot of people found that out at Lloyds on Baker St, London in 1971 ;D

I do store photos, music and films in the cloud, encrypted and not!


Ok. :wink:

Well…if you store your important stuff on a hard-drive, your computer/drive and data could be stolen (and maybe decrypted). :o :o