Do you need BoCLEAN if you are using COMODO FIREWALL PRO 3?

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If I have a CFP3 w/SAFE SURF, do I need a BoCLEAN?


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Well… Everyone needs an Anti Virus and Anti Spyware most Anti Viruses come with built in Anti Spyware but BOClean is a very unique Anti Malware which detects a wide range of rootkits,spyware,malware,trojans, and any other viruses. what BOClean does is monitor what’s used in memory and then scans it to make sure it is not infected. It does not have a on demand scanner function but I believe it is almost needed as an extra layer of security for any one who surfs the net alot. (:WAV)

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If you use CFP 3 with Defence+, and you know what you are doing, you don’t need an AV, an AS or BOClean. But if you make a wrong decision with Defence+, better have one or more of those programs as a backup. That is what we call a layered protection :wink:

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That’s the thing… If you are an ADVANCED++++ Computer user then you can get by without an AV but for the majority of computer users you need an AV and AS/Anti Malware (BOClean I suggest). (:WAV)

I thought BOclean could be used as on demand? Can’t you drag and drop the file onto BOCLEANS taskbar icon?

It can be I THINK but I have tried it and it does NOT work for me :frowning:

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LAYERED PROTECTION is one of my Practices as a PC TEchnician. As my experienced, BoCLEAN works best with CF2.0. A lot of my Customers are switched to CFP3 as per my advice. well I know with CFP3 w/Safe Surf, (Firewall @ CUSTOM & DEFENSE+ is PARANOID) I’m safe. Lots of Advanced user made mistakes (:LOV) that’s why I strongly believed that with BoCLEAN, PC is more protected than without having it.


Hi Guys,

Yes, you can drag and drop and it was discussed somewhere else.
(I don’t think that it’s icon in sysTray, though, but interface window)

It’s just happening pretty fast.
That’s why perhaps Goose18 said it didn’t work (I’m guessing ???)

But if you have Task Manager up / ProcessExplorer or any alike - you can watch CPU usage - it will jump 2-3%.
It is better to choose few Megs file. You may even see an additional window with path or something at the upper-left corner of the screen if you choose huge file. Sure all depends on power of your PC.
I mean, on very fast computer you may not notice that window on 200-300MB file & >… but you will see CPU activity in Processes.

I think, what it does not do is scanning whole directory if you drop it there.
…and probably will ignore packed files, but the latter rather Kevin can explain or probably that question was asked and answered already