Do you like the new V4 Tray Icon? or V3?


Last time I looked the V4 icon looked pixelated. 88)

I’m still using V3.

If you use a silver/grey theme for Windows the V4 icon blends in to the point that you can hardly see it. Slightly annoying. :-TD

I like metal(v4) icon more.

I’m still using V3…can someone post a screenshot of V4…??

Since I first saw the new tray icon I’ve felt it looks remarkably similar to a crumpled piece of aluminum foil. :stuck_out_tongue:

I attached images for those still using 3.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I agree on that one. It was nearly invisible to me and had it not been for the green mark on it I probably wouldn’t be able to see it at all.

i vote for v3 tray icon… simple and nice. v4 tray icon looks like decepticons emblem :stuck_out_tongue:

Icons are just icons. V4 icon is just ugly, horrible, irritating and repulsing as the whole v4 layout and behavior.

So, v4 icon is just a winner! (Got it?)

I prefer the new one.

I voted for the v3 icon, because right after
installing v4, I immediately noticed how “badly cut out”
(i.e. having a frayed outline) the new icon looks in the
Windows 7 system tray :-\

Please bring back the old icon, or improve the now one.
→ Make it it look better in the systray.

all the best,

Looks good to me

I think that green tick in the middle of shield looks like hole in the shield.

Comodo looks very sexy to me :smiley:

I dont like shields

I Little did modified the original, that has a better expression.

I like the sheild…

I prefered the v2 tray icon

I hate the new one as it just blends with the taskbar. Especially if you’re using WinXP with Silver theme.
The old one from v3 had nicely defined edges so you could see it on nearly any theme.
But not the v4 icon. The shield should remain, just make it more distinct.