Do you like the new interface in CIS 7 BETA?

Just curious how many of you like the new CIS 7 interface. Please vote. :slight_smile:

CIS 7 has 3 different interfaces, I like the Tile Theme :slight_smile:

I like Modern Theme. I dont find the GUI different but little changes. I like Modern Theme coz the popup, GUI, etc looks better compared to other 2 theme, the effect is good.

Take a Poll, “Which theme you like?”

I’m fine with any GUI till I get my advanced settings and advanced views of network processes and such stuffs are found with ease…
That was restored in v6… Else all 3 look the same to me, some are made flat by hitting hammer and some look like paper glued… :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I am a big fan of the Modern Theme, personally I never really cared about how many clicks it took to do a thing as long as I can do it efficiently which I already could in V6.
The GUI in v6 just didn’t look good in my eyes but they really made it beautiful with the Modern Theme in my opinion, because that’s what it comes down to, opinions and taste. ;D

Edit: My only issue is that it sometimes takes a second or two for the password popup to actually show, so I click for example “Advanced Settings” and have to wait a moment for the password popup. Also, sometimes the popup doesn’t “steal” the attention, i.e if you type directly after the it has popped up then it sometimes won’t type in the password field but I don’t know if that is a Windows issue or CIS issue…

Yes really like it.

I like the Classic theme the best and the Modern theme the least. If the Tile theme had solid icons instead of the same stencil like ones in the Modern Theme, it would look better. The compact view in the Tile theme is better than in Classic but I don’t like the icons. I just really don’t like the flat sharp cornered and partially fluorescent (icons in the task bar) look of the Modern one at all.

the modern one looks sexy really neat also the tray icon if possible should be edited to look like the modern interface :smiley: i’m loving it

I like the fact that you can choose between the themes now. Personally I don’t like the ‘Metro’ interface… But hey no biggie! CIS 6 GUI in version 7 as well ;D :-TU

Why don’t you post the screenshots to show them to those that haven’t yet downloaded it?

Attached a pair of screenshots of the Modern Theme

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I like the new themes. Only change I may make is swap out the gray trim with maybe a royal blue, or other light shade of blue. I like a little more color, and I still miss the bluish/greenish gui of the older version of CIS.

I like them all, my first is classic, modern and tile. Very nice :wink:

I voted yes. I am using Modern theme.

the classic theme should it not be an older version of comodo? like v5 or even later since when did comodo v6 become the classic comodo ???

I voted yes. Comodo loves all its users, it gives us 3 different themes. I like the Tile theme but I am using Modern theme. I think it is the fastest in these 3 :-TU

The interface is good bravo team Comodo!

With the advent of v7.

The modern theme is my favorite one. :smiley:

Anyone else notice a delay when opening the GUI?