Do you like and/or use Threatfire?

The title says it: “Do you like and/or use Threatfire?”

I personally don’t, it was very slow and D+ did a better job I thought.

I don’t like ANY of PC Tool’s programs. All very slowwwwww…

Well I wanted to use it but it has no Vista 64bit support so yeah… nope.
If they will support vista 64bit then I will try it.

EDIT: btw PC Tool’s antivirus is very good but it is kind of slow


I agree with you Jeremy

Yeah, already had been discussed, and IMHO, just as any other pctools product, not worth to try it. Why? As someone mentioned in one of the threads evil-ganda (evil twin of ganda? >:-D ) mentioned, if you got Defense+, no need for Threatfire. Unless of course, someone uses Defense+, but wants to be assured that their choices when an alert is given won’t affect their system security (allowed choices). But in the case, then it should be better not have Defense+ at all.

Now, I am starting to enjoy one other tool (kinda new) that I used not to like - Haute Secure. It will work with Firefox and IE and it offers a mix of sandbox, hips and behavior analisys. If you create an account at the official site of Haute Secure you may subscribe to blocking lists and evin create your owns, which is a way of not having any other tool just to block sites.

Opera now uses Haute Secure bad sites lists. The difference is that Haute Secure that we use for IE and Firefox will also monitor any changes that may be made to the registry and other parts of the system. It is a matter of how well the users configures it. The only side down is that there is no help menu on Haute Secure. Something that I already suggested to the crew behind it, and they said they have it mind.

It is still a beta version, but I am using it for a while now and seems very stable.

You may ask: Why on earth would you use it, if you’re a Opera user? Well, I do use Opera, but I just love Firefox’s extensions. Aren’t they a peach? And other people use the computer as well and they quite often use IE (which is well secured).

I know this was an half off topic, but perhpas if you’re interested (or where) in threatfire, you would find more useful this application.

funny, you have 1 “yes” (oh yeah!!!) and the others can be categorized as “no” 88)
i used it once, along with CAVS2,CFP2, BOClean,Spywareterminator,CMF,blah blah blah (when i was on paranoid mode).
i think it slowed my system, but can’t say exactly since my comp was really bloated :slight_smile:

No need for it, if your using D+ in Safe Mode.



I was using Threatfire along side NIS 2009 but it would lock up my pc and make NIS crash. PCTools will never get it together. Spyware Doctor sucks also. Now I am using Mamutu for behavior blocking.

I have never tried Threatfire before.

 I've been using threatfire for some time now.  Just recently upgraded to version 4.  As with previous versions, I've had no problem running it side by side with CMF, CBOClean 4.27, CFP 3.0.25, CIS in its various incarnations (Beta 1, Beta 2, RC1, RC2), and Avira Antivir (either as on demand or with the avguard).  I love it and consider it indispensable.


Maybe now that Symantec bought PCTools they will figure something out to solve any issues. Who knows.

Just out of curiosity: Why use mamutu if NIS includes SONAR behavioral protection? (Hope you don’t think I am being too nosy, but I was wondering if Mamutu is better on that field than SONAR is).

Also, I apologize for this off-topic.

The HIPS in NIS is still weak. Every program needs a back up. Mamutu works very nicely. I use System Shutdown Simulator to test my security and NIS fails the HIPS test but with Mamutu it passes. Mamutu also alerts you of program changes and asks to allow or deny them.

I once tried mamutu and I did like it, as a matter of a fact. But since I am not the only person using this system, I took it off. But as soon as I get my new machine, I might use it. :-TU

And Vet, nice to see you back!! Forgot to mention it before :wink:

Threatfire is good as a backup for D+ for inexperienced users,however I much prefer Mamutu personally.It isn’t free unfortunately but I was lucky enough to stumble on a free 12 month promotion.

When did they buy it?

About 3 months back


Come on now please…You have the world at your finger tips. The internet is called “The Information Highway” if you didn’t release it. It took me 5 seconds to get the answer by Googling Symantec buys PCTools. Gezzzz. Get a crip dude.

In my opinion Threatfire is an interesting product :slight_smile: I am testing the latest 4 version right now, and it is doing very well. But I don’t want to make the comparison with Defense+ or any other HIPS like some people here do. HIPS is in my opinion the best solution, but for some users simply too difficult. And for them a Behavior based solution like Threatfire or Mamutu is recommendable :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Threatfire is a great product, very good malware detection purely based on behavior. I also like how PCtools incorporated Threatfire in spyware doctor as an add on, certainly does boost spyware doctor’s detecton. I personally think threatfire is something to have, especially when you preach about defense from blended threats.