Do you have any countermeasures against this stupid situation?

China will start ‘China Compulsory Certificate’ from May.2009.

Including IT products(even internet security softwares).

It means you should open your all of IT products source code if you want to sell
your IT products to china.

Kidding me?


I think they should use only open source products instead of normal products.

What do u think Melih?

As you know it will be started from next month.

Do you have any countermeasures against those stupid policy?

yo! O0 i didn’t see the “including IT product” sentence,where ???

The CCC mark is required for both domestically manufactured products and products imported into China, such as: Electrical wires and cables Switches for circuits, Installation protective and connection devices Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus Small Power motors Electric tools Welding machines Household and similar electrical appliances Audio and video apparatus Information technology equipment Lighting apparatus Telecommunication terminal equipment Motor vehicles and Safety parts Motor vehicle tyres Safety Glasses Agricultural Machinery Latex Products Medical Devices Fire Fighting Equipment Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) systems Toys

The wiki link shows you only old contents.
I linked it only for the definition of ‘China Compulsory Certificate’.
You can find some informations about it on internet.

Their government’s official document has been sent to each country, recently.
(USA, Japan etc)
IT products are included in the document.
(I can’t mention the contents in the document)
But I can tell you there will be some countermeasures against china.

if it’s not on wiki, then it’s not true ;D

they have to make their own OS then? 88)

I doubt they will receive any source code for any software program ‘sold’ or other in their country or any country for that matter.
Take M$ as an example. They went to great lengths to protect and hide their source code when Windows was on trial. I can’t see them giving China any amount of source code.

I don’t think they can make own OS for public people.
Because , MS gave them full part of Windows source code on 2003.
It was MS’s GSP(Government Security Program). At that time, CNITSEC(China Information Technology Security Certification Center) had been participated in that program.
But there is no result from the source.
Developing OS is not that easy as you know.
OS is completely different from other softwares.

MS gave them the full part of Windows source code for GSP.
At that time, many governments had participated in the program.
(ex. NATO, Russia, UK etc)
It was in 2003.