Do you have an Adroid Phone? - Carrier IQ

If you have an Android Phone and have read about the Carrier IQ rootkit, you really should see this… :o

Researcher’s Video Shows Secret Software on Millions of Phones …

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Now that is scary… So is there a custom Kernel/ROM for Android that doesnt have this, after all my phone is rooted and I would love to kill that little ■■■■■■.

thats really scary. i wonder if anything will be done about this.

It doesn’t seem to be limited to Android only also Blackberry and Nokia versions seem to exist, they also tried to sue his ■■■ of for disclosing this.
the EFF prevented this and they seem to be eating dust now…

Carrier IQ Tries to Censor Research With Baseless Legal Threat

seems like samsung does not have this.

good to know :slight_smile: thanks for the heads up.

It’s very scary. I am glad I don’t have such phone.

How do you know for certain Samsung phones do not have this?
They use Android also.

I have a samsung phone and it does not have anything close to carrier iq or anything like that in in the running programs.

Android does not add this program, it seems to be added by the carrier or the manufacturer of the phone. Like in the video it was named HTC IQ.

seems to be a htc and samsung on Verizon and Sprint problem. I have samsung on T-mobile, that is why I don’t have it.

I am not sure but all these information are sent back in to the device but is the data from keystrokes sent to a different location such as a server or something?

If you haven’t read them, here’s the PDFs:

CarrierIQ | Android Security Test
CarrierIQ Part 2 | Android Security Test

More Android goodness :-X

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I’m sure this will all come out in the wash…

  1. Well hidden, extremely difficult to remove software?
  2. Appears to capture HTTPS data?
  3. No apparent Privacy agreements?
  4. No apparent chance to Opt In/Out?

Carrier IQ detector by Bitdefender. (Android APP)

I installed Voodoo Carrier IQ Detector and Carrier IQ Detector (Lookout Labs) and no Carrier IQ detected on my San Francisco phone running CM7 (Android 2.3.7).


Researchers Say Carrier IQ Not Logging Texts or Emails, But Has Some Worrisome Capabilities

Google’s Schmidt calls Carrier IQ software a keylogger … :-X

FBI refuses a FoIA request for information regarding Carrier IQ :o :-X

FBI: Carrier IQ files used for “law enforcement purposes”

Wow… :o