Do you have a problem with the definition download servers today Comodo?

So i uninstalled and reinstalled and am now at virus database 216. When i try to update it says no internet connection found, failed to update???

Here is the problem I had today:

  1. Your Operating System & version (eg XP SP3): XP SP3
  2. Other Security and Utility Software Installed (eg Norton Internet Security 2009): Comodo - CIS, CVE, CIV, CLP, Easy VPN; Other- Filezilla, Walllwatcher, Sony Ericsson PC software, Actual Window Manager, Routerstats, Revo, Process Explorer, Copernic Desktop,

OH just to say database version is now 2916, so not fully up to date yet?


Its not fully updated yet… current is 2932

I was finally able to update CIS DB. Now it’s version 2932.
Is this MD5 check sum correct for bases.cav at that DB version?

; 107969205 20:23.15 2009-11-12 bases.cav
09b907686be39e975ab401c151f2c75e *bases.cav

OK mines up to date now. Thanks


Yet again I have troubles with updating CIS AV DB. This time it stuck at 3286. Symptoms are the same. So, are the update servers down for some reason or bases.cav got corrupted again?

According to Comodo’s website the latest AV DB is:

Latest Database Version: 3294
Release Date (all times GMT): 19-Dec-2009 03:29:45
Number of Definitions Added Today: 39634
Total Definitions: 5409337

You can count me in.

No updates. I first thought a fresh installation would cure it, but it didn’t.

Then i tried to download the .cav file as posted elsewhere, but then i got a 404.

So i have to give up on it now. Hope the service will work again soon.

Edit: Then, suddenly, it updated and asked to restart. So according to CIS i jumped from database 1 to 3279.

But after that i was confronted with the same problem. When i manually update, the program jumps to 30%, i see almost no network activity and than it quits asking me to check the internet connection.

I can download files from comodo, just not the latest .cav files.


Same for me. Last update : 3287 on December 18, 2009 - 04:13 PM (UTC).

Same for me. Last update : 3290 on December 18, 2009

Notification sent to Comodo

The mod test version of v4 also doesn’t get updates.

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Exactly so, and the v3.13

probably already fixed bug
I downloaded the new signatures
Thanks for the prompt repair

Indeed. Just checked and it was updated today at 14:23 (European time) to version 3298.


Problem seems to be fixed now. Probably a server error (?)


Fixed. I am now on database 3298.

Successful update to 3298 here as well. What was the reason of downtime?

Without issue for downloading the 3302 updated signature database.

And now it is 3304.