Do you have a problem with the definition download servers today Comodo?

Hi guys,

Well, I just wonder if you got a Server issue today since the def download comes down by 1kb a second 88)

The Def downloads to about 30Mb and then stops and cut the download connection ??? and after a couple of minutes the download starts again. And again it stops at around 30mb, it’s like the download never finishes. IDk if the connection to your server is bad today or what?

I don’t got any problems with my conection otherwise at all i can browse at normal speed and so on.

So what makes the def download so slow? It was normal yesterday.

Cheers, J_G

Ok just an update!!!

Well now 5 min ago, CIS downloaded a 105MB big Definition file and said-
“you need to restart your computer for this to take effect” So I did…

And then after I restarted I pushed the Def update button manualy,
and what happen? YES, CIS started to download a 105MB big def file AGAIN and teels me…
“You need to restart your computer for this to take effect”!!!

So wtf is going on? Ive downloaded the 105mb def file TWO times for what reason? it sill won’t update!

EDIT: WOW I just checked what def version I got! And found out i got 2912! But that’s really wierd!

BECAUSE>>> Before the TWO restarts i got 2913 haha so it reversed one sig so i got the older 2912 now?

For what reason? what is going on >:( ???



I have exactly the same problem today.

I thought it came from me but reassured that I am not alone.

ps: sorry I do not speak English well.

Hey finally someone responded!

Right, and everything was OK yesterday Jiras?

I hope some staff personal can reply soon!

And BTW, I will not push the update button again until I know for sure that I will get an update, and not 105mb and restart thing again 88)


Yes everything was working properly yesterday, no problems.

And I can not even access the server update for 2 hours, he told me to check my Internet connection ???

Really strange.

Right. Everything was fine here yesterday as well!

But who is “HE” that told you to check your internet connection?


This issue has been resolved. For a short duration full update force was caused.
Normal updates should resume shortly.


Hi Umesh!

Thanks for letting us know finally!

So what created the issue? Was it human caused again?



We have a strong QA of all updates which go live. We do immediate test of live updates also.
There was an issue with a particular version file which differed from what was tested and what gone live.
It was noticed in post update testing and immediate actions were taken.


Thank you

Everything works perfectly now :slight_smile:

Hi again Umesh!

Right thanks for telling us what’s caused the issue!

And I can also confirm that everything is back to normal and working as great as before :-TU

Thanks, J_G

This is NOT resolved.
Everytime i restart my computer comodo downloads a 105mb update then just sits there doing nothing.
If i click on update definitions it tells me to restart and then does it all over again.
I have a 4gb a month peak time allowance with my isp and comodo has used up a good weeks worth on its own the last day or so. I’m just glad i noticed this when i did. If i hadn’t i would have been without internet during peak time if it had carried on.

Latest version
Windows 7x64

Well, for me CIS database has stuck at version 2919 and won’t update at all. Each time I try to update CIS DB I get either failed message or up-to-date message.
Should I use ‘workaround’ and restore whole virus DB or just wait till updates will come back to live again.

There is definitely still a problem. Today i saw that my definitions were last updated yesterday at 6PM and the DB number was 2922. I tried to update and it told me i needed to reboot to apply the update. After the reboot, I was back at DB # 2351!. Then it said it was updating and when I checked the connections, the update was coming through at dialup speed or less. It’s been downloading now for about 10 minutes and it has only gotten 1.5 mb. What is going on here ?

This is strange because everything is fine now for me ???

I did have the update then restart problem before but all has been good since the post about the ‘fix’
Mine has been updating fine since then, it automatically updated 15 minutes ago with no restart required and I now have version 2931.

All the best, woz of oz


Can you please paste contents of:

as seen in your system upon browsing above url?


It stopped downloading at 2.3mb and said I needed to reboot again. After the reboot it was at 2912 so I did a manual update which took it to 2931 so I guess I’m up to date now.
I’d like to know what caused it to reset the db back to 2531 which is the one in my repair folder. That is the second time in the last 6 weeks or so that this has happened.


In case for some reasons, scanners/bases.cav gets corrupted, copy from repair folder is taken.
It is possible due to abrupt termination while updating.


I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. I clicked that link and it gave me a download of versioninfo.ini. I opened the file in Notepad and it says this.

Looks all good. You should not be getting complete base downloaded but should get incremental updates as we release 2931 onwards. Latest is 2931.