Do you have a personal document shredder?

I’m tempted to get one of those desktop document shredders, to destroy personal documents. :-La

This model, which I found randomly, even connects to USB. Do you think it can shred your HDD? ;D


My shredder is just throwing the paper into the fireplace…

and if you are talking on “Personal Documents on your pc”
I use few creations of mine…


PS nice picture lol

Yes, I have a Fellowes PS80 that is a fairly large floor shredder. Bought it on sale for under $100 US, and it works very well. My wife wanted something that would shred all of the financial stuff that inundates her for IRAs and such, and seems very pleased with it. I use it occasionally, and am impressed with the speed and volume. Fellowes makes a whole line of well rated personal and professional shredders.

I have a cheap $15 dollar one that is slow and weak, and I barely ever use it. :smiley:

Yes Fellowes Desk Shredder DS-13C

It’s a cool thing. You can pretend that you have government secrets. :wink:

I’ll get one to destroy banking documents etc. It’s not that anyone can access my account from these documents, but they sure are personal.


FBI bootscreen will do.

just how many “personal” document did you guys have ???
i always use the back of used paper for writing something, and to dispose of it, i rip guys are lazy 88)

I presume you do get letters with your address on and bank account numbers ;D
With this and date of birth which some people do post on the internet :o
= ID Theft

I’d say i don’t have one … or does my paper-shredding cat count as a paper-shredder 88) ;D

So I’m still the only voter who plans to get a shredder. ???

I think it’s a great machine for privacy and security.


it’s not that hard to tear them off 88)
err how much $ do we need to buy that shredder? ???

I don’t know about that very shredder, but I’m sure it’s easy to find on some online shopping site. I checked a random site (in Swedish) and they have three models from about $30 USD and more. The most simple machine makes just 7 mm strips, the second one makes squares and the most expensive makes diamond shaped pieces of the document. They say it’s an impossible puzzle. 8)


So what should I shred, school results ???

No I don’t use one, I would use the fireplace instead ;D


No, love letters from ganda. (:LOV)


We have a crosscut shredder, which cuts the whole thing into ~3mmx10mm strips. My wife uses the shreddings for garden mulch. So even good for recycling. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Yeah, but those are all per e-mail, so I’ll shred them on my pc


Ive got 2 (overkill a bit i know) No seriously dont buy some cheap an cheerful pile of excrement(like a stationary box one) as it will be allright for a bit and then the auto switch will stop working it will make the supposed shredded paper look like a dogs just attacked it and generally be a waste of your hard earned reddies :-TD Spend a bit more spondoolie and get a descent one that wont go blunt when you put a staple through it,or am i the only one stupid enough to do that ;D

Me current working properly one is a PC Line one,its got a little window on the front and everything so you know its getting full.


$30? then buy it :stuck_out_tongue: . perhaps the one which can damage CD too :-TU
i might get me one of those 88)

Yep, but I’m tempted to get a better one than the basic. I want the diamond/puzzle stuff. That’s more like $60. Still it’s alright. :slight_smile:


Try a goat ;D

Greetz, Red.