Do you guys remember your first car

I remembered mine like it was yesterday. It was a old toyota corolla. The car won’t go in reverse, I just stick my legs out and push it that way. The passenger side door won’t lock (seeing rust on the car is a good theft deterent. :wink: I was the first of my friends to have a car and there all more then happy get in(luckly the car eats orther peoples change. >:-D
One time we had 3 people on top of the trunk, 3 in the backseat, passanger and (lazy people >:-D ) 2 people on the hood. We only had to go a block away. I was driving about 2 MPH(just guessing)

I had alot of fun with my first car

Mine was a '75 Lemans. Learned to winter drive with that boat.


the first vehicle that i drove … was a Mack MR600 back in 2000
My grandfather wanted me to know how to work on/diagnose/drive a Mack before i even start thinking on driving a car… No real interesting stories except the time going up on Devil’s Tail in the cold winter rain … That makes a real driver out of you especially hauling two cars…

but The last time i drove a car was about 2 years ago …

So… Yeah


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1977 Ford Pinto wagon. Purple paint… :smiley:

Hatchback didn’t lock and would slam every time you’d go over a bump. Never kept anything of value in the car and it was ugly enough nobody wanted to steal it. In high school I stuck those rubber self-stick flower shaped anti-slip things that you see on the floor of showers or bathtubs all over the poor thing. It was quite a sight! O0

The doors were extra long to allow easy access to the back seats, and they were a bit heavy for the hinges so they didn’t seal well when they were shut. It wailed like a banshee when you were on the interstate from all the wind coming in. You couldn’t take it through a carwash because the water would just pour in. I tended to keep towels in back in case of heavy rain.

It really sucked in the snow because they’re rear wheel drive and the back end is about as light as a small pickups rear end. I had to put studded snow tires on it and carry several hundred pounds of salt in back if I wanted to actually move.

Oh yes, my first car… let’s see I got it… oh wow just last week! Registered it on Tuesday, February 1st.

2009 Honda Civic EX model
33,000 miles

It was a gift from my grandpa, I’ve been saving a lot of money so I had been riding a little motor scooter (see Honda Reflex) to save money. But now I finally have a car >:-D

I learned to drive on a 1977 Ford pickup that my Grandfather bought in '79, I’m proud to say I still own it. ;D My first car was technically a '84 (I think) Oldsmobile Cutlass, the first & only GM product I’ll ever own. I didn’t have it long at all & hardly drove it. Anyway, I’m a big Ford guy so my first real car was a ‘87 Mustang LX that was built. It would FLY, I miss that car. :’( Oh well, but as I said before I still have the truck I learned to drive on & used to sit in when I was little, ACTING like I was driving. :smiley: This year will be 32 years that it’s been in the family & I fully expect my kids & eventually MY grandson to learn to drive on the same truck. I haven’t got any kids yet so that may be awhile… ;D

1951 Ford

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Bright orange 1973 1.3lt Escort panel van decked out with built in esky, cupboards, mattress, etc. It cost $500 and it was very smoky, at the same time I bought a crashed one with a good engine for $100. The next afternoon Dad and myself changed the engine. !ot! At the time of owning the panel van I had no girlfriend. I no sooner sold it and bought sedan I got a girlfriend, for a while then I wished I still had the van. Oh well.

Mine was a 1961 Austin Mini 850, registration 2145 PE. That was in 1972

come to think of it, i remember about a month before it died my car was getting kind of sluggish. I didn’t think much of it. In fact, I was trying to prove to myself that it wasn’t being sluggish. I raced my friends “geo metro”. I got whooped bad :-[. When you lose to a metro in a race, that’s embarrassing. but still. Being that most of my friends didn’t have a car, I can still say it’s faster then running :slight_smile:

Getting your first car, can make unwanted so called friends.

lol getting your first car, can make unwanted attention from the ladies :stuck_out_tongue:

First car : Fiat Cinquecento - small automobile from Italy.

And no unwanted or most wanted attention from the ladies :smiley:

Hey Jake ya sure that’s unwanted. I guess depends on the lady :-*

Never Depends on the lady… their all trouble unless your over 25 and have a job and a degree :stuck_out_tongue:


I am currently driving my first car its a 2001 Vauxhall corsa sxi. I have had it a year and 1 month. I bought it from my mates ex GF and she fitted it with some nice alloy wheels and tinted the back 3 windows. I look like a proper chav (you yanks probably won’t have a clue what that means) boy racer. But its a good little car and flew through its MOT with no problems.

You sir, are a lucky git. :o

First car, ah the memories. Twas a Mk1 Golf GL 1.3 but had the GTI body kit with the arch extensions and spotlights and a big bore exhaust (handy having a mate who owned a scrapyard).
That car was built like a tank, i really used to give it some stick yet it never missed a beat. We had an area near us where they where going to build a golf course, so basically it was lovely grass like youd find on a fairway. There was a straight private road which led straight onto the grass, suffice to say we could get to about 70mph before we hit the grass, then it was handbrake on and see how many times you could spin. The Lexus isnt have as much fun :cry:

Must see if i can find a piccy!

Did they use for a bunker when you finished. lol

No ladies are interested in a purple Pinto wagon. :wink:

You say no ladies, i say the ones who can see the driver :wink:
and look through the… cough cough nice cough cough car :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, at least you and a alot of other people had to start with a not so nice car… but when it comes down to it, i think about getting to point a from point b…