Do you get less popups with this Beta compared to last CIS? [CLOSED]

We have built some intelligent stuff into CIS to reduce popups and increased our whitelist.

Have you noticed that too?

feedback is appreciated.


Yes i get less popups.

But i am not sure if this is better.

Now i am not getting popups about firefox browser from proactive defense. OK comodo means firefox browser is a safe application.

But what is when a spyware programm has manipulated firefox browser?


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CIS watches any other programs trying to modify others and will alert accordingly…


Great indeed. One of my negative points was the fact that there were too many pop ups. Feels better now.

its great to hear that it has improved for you! as a user who had a negative point about too many popups its good to see you confirming that new version has even less popups!


The more usability the better, but I hope CIS doesn’t get too dumbed down.


the only popup for me are the fp with the av,but the d+ is very quiet but its still there watchin good job with d+ popups :-TU

If CIS gets more and more intelligent and more user friendly I will install it for my relatives!

CIS will be for everyone! The uber geek who likes to tweak his/her security as well as people who want to install and protect!


Much quieter now, only and few alerts given were totally justified :-TU
Xman :-TU
:■■■■ (:KWL)

Glad to hear that!

Comodo brand is built on being good at security. While attracting many users can be a good thing.
I for one don’t want comodo to turn into a security solution such as Norton or F-secure, where you have a dumb scroll button that you set to “low” "medium or “high” and a dumb allow all/most system, simply to reduce annoyance/popups to the lowest minimum.

I think the new white list is good and threatcast that can help keep the security HIGH while keeping the popups LOW.

And I really like that you can tweak CIS so much! I really like to be able to set the firewall, HIPS and antivirus to my own preference. Never let the computer guys suffer simply for making it user friendlier on noobs.
This is actually the reason why I use comodo. Its simply the best, its free and you can set it to provide VERY good security, If not the best!

Yes. :-TU (D+ in Safe Mode)
I wish all my applications were digitally signed… :THNK

I suppose “silence” will be the default setting/configuration! Like currently, when “Comodo - Internet Security” is supposed to be the most silent configuration (compared to e.g. Comodo - Proactive Security)? Novice users may hardly know how to change settings, so better make it silent by default for them. :-La

Thanks Melih :slight_smile:

Will there be more digital signatures or even a chance for them to get updated along with regular virus definitions?
I know loads of widely used digital signatures that are not included in latest CIS beta either.
Like Sun Microsystems, Mozilla Corporation, NVIDIA, AMD/ATI, Intel, Creative Labs, AOL (Winamp), Ashampoo Software, Apple and there are many many more that are extremelly common on every system, but not included.

Yes a lot less even after I choose Proactive Security looking at the settings I see why happy with this, only a few for sandboxie.

Alot less pop ups!


I think it would be a great to start a new thread with all the companies whose digital certificates we should trust. Then we can add them all in one by one. Thanks RejZoR lets pls start with your suggestions (also if at all possible with links to software where we can extract the digital cert would be greatly appreciated).




definitely less pop ups

The only irritating pop ups are from a fp on Tuneup utilities. The rest is gone. (:AGL)