Do we still receive updates for V2.4

Like many users I am still on version V2.4, because I like it, It’s easy to use and provides the firewall cover I need. I will eventually go to version 3 , but when the system is more stable .

My question is simple, are Comodo still updating version 2 or do they only concentrate on version 3 ?

I believe it’s not a priority right now. I don’t know if that’ll change.


Thanks for the update. That’s disappointing as no doubt many users are still using v2.4 until V3 is seen as being a little more stable and the bugs are sorted, hopefully as I also use BO Clean my level of protection remains high.

Yeah, v 2.4, BOClean - and if you also have an antivirus program - I’d say that’s a great line of defense.


And what about the people who want to use a different HIPS than Defence+ :wink: Leak tests show that CFP 3.0 withought Defence+ is simply not as good as CFP 2.4 :-\

Greetz, Red.

P.S. That said, it doesn’t mean I am not going to use CFP 3.0 with Defence+ in the future :wink:

What’s wrong with the HIPS in Spyware Terminator?? I disabled HIPS in CAV as I only use one HIPS.

Red, if you use another HIPS with CFP v3 without Defense+, then if that HIPS is good enough it should defend the CFP basic firewall against leaking just like Defense+ does… Actually using another HIPS and CFP v2 (or any equally capable firewall for that matter) is what looks redundant, for example both the HIPS and CFP v2 would be monitoring inter-process memory accesses and global hooks at the same time. I’m not assuring that conflicts would arise, but still it’s redundant.

Imagine, there’s nothing specifically wrong with Spyware Terminator’s HIPS. (Fortunately I can talk about this one since it’s the only one I’ve used besides Defense+.) However if we are to compare it, it’s clearly much less powerful than Defense+, and at the same time much less clever, that is more noisy. I used it until I upgraded from CFP v2 to v3, then I uninstalled it and I’m very glad with the change.

Hey Japo :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right, it was the wrong question. But I started with SSM as a HIPS when CFP 3 was not available, and it works very well with CFP 2.4 :slight_smile: I prefer to make the swith when CFP 3 is full developed :wink:

Greetz, Red.

That must be it, back then I was using ST’s HIPS so I considered D+ a blessing in comparison when so many people were complaining about it. :slight_smile: And yes most times that you use programs that may experience conflicts, they actually don’t --so much for Windows’ unstability. :stuck_out_tongue: