Do we need the Diagnostics and Repair function ?

What do you think ? I think it’s a waste of 40 MB and as the databases grow larger the Repair folder will also grow.
Maybe all we need is an AV rollback fuction, where we could “rollback” to the previous AV database if something bad happens ?
Not having a full Repair folder would also decrease the installer size. ( or does the installer installs the app and then copy’s the files to the Repair folder ? 88) )

Oh you minimalists. 88)

It’s fine with me to keep it.

It’s not only about minimalism. It’s about avoiding unnecessary bloat. Keep it small, nice and tidy. People surely notice, when a security app (for example GDATA, previous Nortons, F-Secure, Panda takes about 300 MB)
CIS needs be on par or with Kaspersky, ESET, Avira and Avast. Or even be smaller. (it easily could)

Evening young One :stuck_out_tongue:

I Would say, yes we do need it… but they could work on it to make it smaller… and i’m pretty sure thats what they are doing…

The AV Rollback isn’t a bad idea either…


I was tempted to select “What the hell is that ?” since it was such a funny answer, but I ended up with “Mixed opinon” because as for the reasons stated above, it’s considered extra slack for the minimalists and for dial-up users to have to download a larger installer (or sometimes core program update). Experts or those with a clean PC usually never have a problem with the main CIS files, so they don’t ever need to use it. On the other hand, it has proven to help people with a crapped out system or conflicting software.

It’s not a matter of some one liking it or not, Improving it for further purposes could prove useful. :-TU


Maybe it would be just good ideato somehow protect the repository from being infected/corrupted.
Otherwise complaining about size in era of multi hundred gigabyte hard drives is kinda pointless.
1TB drives cost like 130 eur…

Now I use “Diagnostics” rarely.
But after installing (CFirewall) and starting to use it I use “Diagnostics” actively and I found it is for beginners immensely useful.

I don’t care the size of repair function if it doesn’t exceed 300mb.
Sometimes it’s better than reinstall the whole application again.

I agree with Commodus. A rollback function would be much more effiicient…

Does the repair files really add anything to the installer? I thought the installer just extracted twice? After all, the files in the \COMODO Internet Security\Repair folder should be the same as in the \COMODO Internet Security\ folder.

Suggestion: Maybe the CIS installer could make an archive of the files in the Repair folder instead? Maybe an .exe file you can run to repair CIS without even having CIS running? That would maybe solve problems which cause CIS not even to run.


What about a stand alone file that can be executed when needed?

I like this idea :-TU


The “Diagnostics and Repair function” is a LOT more than a “rollback” function.
If you malware somehow successfully kills a part of your CIS, the diagnosis and repair function helps start it again.
Keeping the protection ON. With Rollback you simply disable more and hopes that an even older version of your CIS should protect you from this thing that successfully killed the uptodate software.

If a update or even installation goes wrong the Diagnostics and Repair can help repairing it in the most cases.

You can use Diagnostics and Repair to dublecheck/verify that the installation and all the applications of CIS is working and is actively running.

The extra futures you get with the Diagnosis and Repair is to me well worth some space.
And what if your previous version was installed in a questionable way? The Diagnosis and repair would probably notice this and alert you, while with rollback you could easily be running a buggy/hacked one without knowing.
How do you know that everything is fine if you got no checking mechanism?

I think Diagnosis and Repair is userfriendly, when a error is found it simply tells you to run diagnosis and repair and most likley the problem gets FIXED. And this is something needed, Rollback would simply result in less protection, and probably more errors and unhappy people.
Also Diagnosis and repair fixes errors faster, and require no disabling of firewalls, D+ etc.

And in a fresh installation environment, what do you roll back to? Not all installations go so well.
Keep it as it is, unless its takes a lot of time to keep it compatible with CIS.

+1 for you! I agree with you completely.

Don’t know. Even if the Repair folder or some of the CIS files are deleted by hand, when one goes to check for program updates, it will claim there’s a new version detected but actually download those missing files. So think of that as the second backup.

Yep, but it only applies to “trusted.tvl”. I delete all other files and never get them again by updates.

Anyway, I have to say that I like my idea of having all repair files in an .exe file. Or at least introduce a “repair installer” so you can repair CIS without running it from the CIS GUI. Wish list material? I may add it unless I see something similar already. :slight_smile:


EDIT: Added a wish/poll. I encourage everyone to view it. Thanks.

Hey guys/gals…don’t forget that most of the folks who will be looking for this function (when/if they need it) will be new/average users. Many of us have been using CFP/CAVS/CIS for some time now, and we are used to how Comodo works. Others are just coming on board now, might have some problems, and may need this feature. I have done many installs now, and a couple of times this feature came in handy. If this feature is not there, and a new user is looking for it (and can not find it), then a negative opinion of Comodo will be out there (and will spread). IMHO it is not that big a deal to leave it as is…

How about make it optional ? When installing CIS, the installer could ask - “Would you like the repair function ?” 88)

Would you like install the CIS Recovery Function ?