Do we need status on wishes on the wishlist? (accepted, denied etc.)

I think it would be nice if we could get some information on whether the wishes are planned or not. I know there are certain things Comodo won’t reveal due to patents, competitors etc. However, the things on the wishlist is publicly available anyway, so I don’t see why we couldn’t get some information on whether the wishes are accepted for future implementation or not, maybe even with a priority on which wishes are going to implemented first. I am not asking to specify exactly when a feature will be implemented (though it would be nice) just an indication on whether or not it is being implemented and if it is going to be in the near future (high priority) or a bit longer (low priority). Here is my suggestions on how this could be done, if you got another idea please post it here.

1. Single topic
In a single topic post the name of the wish and a link to the wish (and maybe a short description?). Divide the list in “accepted” and “denied” wishes something similar to


A list of whishes maybe with priority


A list of whishes not going to be implemented

With priority I mean that every wish get a status, that tells something like what trscsaeg wrote:

2. Subforum
Placed accepted wishes in “accepted” subforum and denied whishes in “denied” subforum.

3. Single topic with “denied” wishes in subforum
A topic with accepted wishes (maybe with priority) as in 1., but all denied wishes is placed in a “denied” subforum. This will make it easier to browse wishes in the wishlist, and still prevent old “denied” wishes from being created again all the time.

this is a great idea because users would know if comodo has even seen their wish so the user wouldn’t feel that comodo’s ignoring them and submitting feedback is pointless as i sometimes feel but i know they have a lot to look through so i understand. it would also prevent the presistant users from nagging comodo about their wish trying to find out if it’s going to be added or not. also since the user would feel like submitting feedback isn’t pointless they would be more prone to try and think up knew ideas and submit them or submit ideas they’ve already had because they no longer feel feedback is pointless.

there should also be a

“debating” status so that if comodo is undecided if they will implement the wish then at least the user would know

“planned” status meaning comodo already thought of it

“in process” meaning they are in the process of adding the idea

“completed” meaning it’s in the newest stable version

That is exactly why I posted this wish. It would be nice to know if Comodo were planning to implement ones wishes in the future, or even just to know if they had read the wish.

This is a good idea. This would help people with feature requests be able to look through one topic and see if their wish has been asked already. It would help keep the forums clean because there will not be duplicate topics asking for the same thing.

I think the list of denied wishes should have a reason for why they have been rejected. “Was the request too difficult to implement or unnecessary? Does it already exist in CIS? Does the feature bring about vulnerabilities? etc. . .”

+1. Excellent idea.


Excellent Idea…


While I agree in principle with the concept of being able to see what wishes Comodo’s developers have decided to introduce into future versions, I don’t know that Comodo (or any other company for that matter) would endorse future design decisions in a public arena open to their competitors.

Ewen :slight_smile:

the only people that i know to do this is mozilla for firefox 4 and realplayer. both used uservoice service

I agree:

However, a comment on this from the Comodo Staff would be nice.

I agree Ewen!

Would also be useful for people to create single/indivdual bug reports on current or beta versions then those that are in the pipe line to be fixed can been shown in a sub forum??

Another nice wish that will be never heard… I think that if a mod close the wish list forum no developer is going to notice in a long time.


As I mentioned in the above and previous posts. I know that Comodo might not want to reveal whats in development due to legal stuff, competition etc. However, If Comodo’s staff or maybe Melih could at least tell us that this is in fact the case or give another comment this would really help!

:-TD simply because there are too many variables to this wish that are not clearly defined

Here is where i definitely part ways with Ewen.The statement is too absolute Ewen.

Although i can understand the concerns about competitors etc Comodo is so far ahead in basic and advanced security i don’t see it as an issue. And its your customer base that is the core of the company with the coders/administrative/pr employee’s as the backbone. Yes the majority of the people in these forums use the free version instead of directly financially support through a subscription… but these are the same people who are likely to recommend the software to those who will buy it.

For frivolous “selling point” eye candy, non critical type wishes i agree wholeheartedly with Ewen.

However since the vast majority of the “wishes” are duplicating each other or slight variations of existing wishes it would help clean up this forum a LOT… almost as much as people reading rules before posting would.
Critical/needed addendum’s to the software on the other hand especially ones which competitors have already implemented in their own failwares should be listed in a subforum.

just my 2 cents on the matter