Do we need Comodo Memory Guardian with CFPv3? [Resolved]

Hi, couldn’t find the answer on here, but dare say I will not be the first to ask…

Do we need CMG now we are using Comodo Firewall Pro v.3?
I was not sure if this was going to incorporated into CFPv3.
If we no longer need it what is the best way to uninstall it?

I understand that we should leave BoClean installed.



P.S. CFPv3 seems to be working well. Thanks for an excellent firewall. :slight_smile:

Hi there

From what I gather the functionality of both CMG and BOclean will be incorporated into the forthcoming updates to CPF3,I think they will be optional as to whether you include them or not.Until then you should continue using the separate modules you currently have

Thanks Andyman35,
I will leave them installed until we are informed of their inclusion into CFP v.3.