Do we need BOClean and CMG with CFP 295

Sorry to raise this again but are BOClean and Comodo Memory Guardian incorporated into CFP3 v.295 yet.

At the moment I am using CFP3 v295 with Defense+ and BOClean and all works well.

Do I need Memory guardian as well?




BOClean and Memory Firewall are not integrated at the moment. (:WIN) Maybe later :SMLR

Thanks Commodus. :slight_smile:

Personally i don’t see any reason to use BOClean when you run CFP v3. I guess HIPS component (Defense+) protects from all possible threats, except Buffer Overflow exploits (that’s why we need Comodo Memory Firewall ;)).

Interesting; anyone else’s views on the subject?


Here can be found slipfest - great test for CMF (should be running from stack to CMF display prompts)

I agree with goodbrazer. I also run only CFP 3 and CMF (:KWL) But I also want to have CAVS 3 as a backup (kind of an insurance if something slips trouhgt) (:WIN)

We started a thread (don’t have it handy i am afraid sorry :frowning: ) where we asked the question as to if you have v3 + CMF (memory guardian/firewall) why do you need AV. The main reason is: if you want to execute unknown applications. So if you only want to run apps that are whitelisted and confident about apps you run then CPF+CMF is good enough. if you like to take risk and execute apps you don’t have confidence in, then AV is a good backup.


Thanks Melih, I’ll keep all three then, CFP, CMF and Boclean.
No problems with any of them at the moment. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the excellent programs.


Strange thing I have noticed, CFPv3 brings up an alert for cmf update; doesn’t seem to be on it’s white list. Has it been overlooked or is there a security reason?