Do Not Use AVG

No matter what AV… it should not be your first line of defense! Because no AV can guarantee to catch 100% of the malware, it is 100% certainty that they will allow the PCs they protect to be infected!

I mean look at this

They used to have a machine gun fighting from the plane

and now we have these

They are also Fighter Planes. But they have nothing in common, apart from flying! Its totally new technology, the way they fight is different, the way these are used are totally different.

What people refer to as AV is 25 year old technology. In internet years, this is like Adam&Eve kind of timeline! You can’t imagine our armies fighting the wars with World War I planes, yet we all happily expect a 25 year old technology (that we all call AV) to fight the malware that has evolved!

What AV is has to be re-defined! Anti Virus/Malware is a technology that should prevent Malware coming into your PC in the first place! The new definition of AV must follow the 3 layers of Layered Security Architecture of Prevention, Detection, Cure in that order. Otherwise trying to keep malware off your PC will be as silly as fighting today’s wars with WWI planes!


Every single AV i have used has a report virus to vendor built in so this is also how they get there samples as well i see nothing wrong with people us sending in samples if i had some i would send them in.

Very much so. I rememeber that the firrst time I installed AVG 8 Free in my relative’s machine, that it detected Spybot’s definitions as malware. I uploaded them to AVG as being FPs and the next few days no more false alarms.

All people got to do is to provide information to av vendors, specially if they provide free versions of their products. This situation I mentioned were FPs, but if were true malware, then it also our concern to let them know that therre products can’t detect them, so that next time it will.


To all respondants, equally and individually, please do not use the Comodo forums to disparage any other vendors products. By all means, compare and comment on its effectiveness (providing the comments are factual and pertinent to the topic at hand), but please do not tell the world - “Do not use X, Y or Z” in these forums (unless X, Y or Z are Comodo products).

Please post these types of comments on vendor independant forums or on the affected vendors forum.

Ewen :slight_smile:

ok panic i don’t think i bashed there AV but will not post anymore on it god bless :slight_smile:

This is an area called “other security”. It is not posted under the Comodo section. This area is for telling people and helping people out with security products other then Comodo. If Melih doesnt have a problem with then why should you. Come on now relax. Atleast people are aware of how poor AVG does.

It’s been AVG’s decision to dump free antirootkit which was available in v7.5 times and in fact dump the whole 7.5 line in favour of the half-cooked v8 bloatware.

I’d suggest having a look at Avira Free review by the same author. So yeah, such comparison is completely fair.

I used AVG few years ago… It just reminds me of Spybot & Ad-aware at the moment: Can’t keep up with the times!


I missed that one. But, of course Avira would play better, as it provides anti-rootkit protection. I wonder, if Avira had no rootkit protection, if it would play that well.

Also version 7.5 never had an anti-rootkit included, though, you could download it separately, but only use it as an on-demand scanner. Now, it does not offer a stand alone version and it does not include it on AVG 8 Free. But there are plenty free and better anti-rootkits scanners, as GMER.

And as I mentioned earlier, AVG 8 Free will do its job, if used in conjunction with other security tools and security measures, specially if these have a role in prevention.
I mean, couldn’t one just open a thread and say: Hey, dump all your antivirus! Don’t need them. All you need is a good prevention system. If you got this, no reason to use any AV, free or paid, for that matter.

Anytime soon, someone will open a thread saying for everyone to dump CIS. Why? New born AV with a long way ahead. Not mature at this point, so wouldn’t be of no use.
But, they could be wrong. I have for CAV the same point of view I have for any other AV. If used in conjuntion with a good prevention system, then it’s detection will be enough, and definitions will increase day by day, and hopefully the search engine will get better and better.

This is just my point of view and is as valid as any other.

CIS is new so would anyone say that. AVG is not new and has been around for years so they should not have results like this.

I agree that AVG should do a better job, even if talking about the free version. They could include anti-rookit protection as well, and for example, leave out linkscanner. The linkscanner version included in avg 8 free is the lite version and it will only rate sites, and if a site is rated green and redirects you to a bad site, then linkscanner won’t prevent it. So, it just gives a false sense of security, and for the job it does, there is Finjan, which is 100% free. The pro version of Linkscanner is one diff matter, though, as it works in the background, no matter if you get redirected to a bad site, etc.
They should erase linkscanner from their free av, and just keep it for the paid version, and include anti-rootkit in the free version. It would be of more use. At least is what I think.

Also, of course, improve their search engine.

My point was: We expect too much of AVs in general.


So Matt posted just this to

Future Reviews:

This Week:

AVG Internet Security
PC Tools Internet Security


Dr. Web
Twister AV
—> Comodo Internet Security <----
Mcafee Internet Security 2009
Trend Micro Internet Security 2009
Sophos Antivirus
Norman Antivirus
Ad-aware Pro
Drive Sentry

We’ll see how CIS and AVG Internet Security will perform.
Cant wait for that ;D :slight_smile:


Will he be testing the full power of Layered Security Architecture we have? or Just one component of it?


He will test everything in CIS. Full power ;D


His site says he tests detection and removal only . There is no mention of prevention. We are still stuck with the old detection-removal paradigm. :frowning:

Ewen :slight_smile:

In the real world there are not people like us you know how to prevent infections. Most pc users do not have a clue of what they are doing. They go click happy and download everything in site. Matt’s reviews are right on. Matt shows you how good a program does and cleaning up an already infected system. This is also his full time job. I myself have done this on at least 10 house calls. Some people dont even know what an anti virus is.

Those are the same people who you always hear complaining “My PC is so stupid and slow. Nothing works and it shuts down randomly all the time”.

Duhhh…obviously, something is wrong with it… :slight_smile:

Hi Comodo people! Thanks for the link and checking out the blog…I really do appreciate it. I’m working with CIS right now.

My wish list:
-process list with the ability to select a process, kill it quarantine the binary
-rootkit detection and removal
-better rogue detection and REMOVAL (ie AV 2009 is detected over and over again…it say’s it being quarantined but never actually does get quarantined)

…anyway…still testing.