Do Not Use AVG

Check out this video. Anyone who has AVG dump it fast.

yeah I saw that never really liked AVG.

maybe we should ask this chap to help us by sending us the rootkits he finds!?


Matt is a busy guy. I have talked to him myself. He cleans infected pc’s for a living. His most used tools are MBAM and SAS.

I quite liked 7.5 but 8 is no good at all I have a paid licence for 3 comps but will not use it.
Thanks for posting the link.


he could be helping millions of people if he could merely email us those malware if could… We all would be very grateful to him and he would protecting literally millions of users with that. All he needs to do is, once he gets the nasties, put it on an email…

thank you


That would be great if he did, but I think he may think it is unfair to the other AV’s. And he may not want to go to the trouble to send it to all of the AV’s.

We’ll do that for him, by sending all that to virustotal etc… which will then feed everyone…


Ok, well, I hope he’ll agree (you have asked him right?).

No… i don’t know him :slight_smile: I think Vettech has asked him…


I will send him another PM but he is very busy and has a family. His YouTube videos are basically to show people how good a product is at removing malware in real time.

Thank god i don’t use avg anymore like i use to.

AVG has been pretty popular here since it’s a local vendor… and guess what - most of the infected boxes I got my hands on had AVG installed. Pretty much sums it up. (Plus, the whole v8 ■■■■■-up, bleh.) :-TD

If you can… pls send those malware from these infections :slight_smile:



i feel sorry for anyone that has purchased this from our local walmart store imagine all the infected PC out there.

Never like AVG. The interface was a turn off, and i never heard anything good about it.

Heh; I’ll remember to collect some samples next time, though the stuff completely ignored by AVG usually is detected by many other AVs out there, so not really sure how useful it would be. :wink:

any samples would be useful to comodo to up there detection :slight_smile:

This is why Comodo has a team. Avast,Norton,KAV,Avira,F-Secure all have teams to keep to date with infections. Comodo needed to do the same with CAV. Its not up to us or Matt to do the leg work.

How could AVG 8 Free detect rootkits if no such protection? (as the author states, as a matter of a fact).
It would be interesting to see the results of the pro version.

Please, note that I am not, either a user or a fan of AVG, but as we know rootkits hide them selves from av solutions that don’t have (sometimes that do have) capacity to detect them and also hide other malware forms. So, it is perfectly normal that AVG 8 Free lets pass rootkits and any other malware hidden by it.

And lets be honest, is it truly fair to test AVG 8 Free, when other non-free and non-crippled versions of other av solutions are tested?
Not that it isn’t fair, I mean, it is great to see the capacities of such free AV. But, why test this one free crippled version of AVG and not test also the paid version? It would be interesting to see how it would behave.

So what if AVG 8 Free has no rootkit protection (except for Comodo, all other security companies provide (the ones that do) free crippled versions of their paid versions)? There are other ways to prevent rookits and to detect them. One way to prevent is to use Comodo Firewall Pro with D+ and one way to detect is to use Gmer, for example.

I did install AVG 8 Free (chosen by my relative) in a relative’s computer along side with CFP v3.0, customized Hosts file and a list of known bad IPs to block. Every week this relative of mine performs on-line scans with other AV vendors and no problem of what so ever.

AVG 8 Free, by it self, won’t protect against rootkits and any other malware that they might be hidding, but using it in conjunction with other tools, it provides a very solid protection. And saying this about AVG, I also say about Avira personal and Avast. And who knows, CAV 3.0, that despite being a born child for a few days, if having a solid prevention system, then it will do its job done quite well.