Do not upgrade to as all your configurations will lost!!


I just roll back to

Comodo, pls. consider adding an warning for the user prior to the upgrade.

I also try clean installtion and restore my config. backuped by, no luck. It’s confirmed that is incompatible with previous setting.

You have to re-create all your settings with this new version.

I did a clean install myself. So you have to relearn everything. No biggy. Thats why you should export your settings then import them.

I’ve been reading these posts all night. I don’t think the repeats are necessary. What I’ve got is 2 things -

  1. egeman says importing old settings should work, so that’s a bug

  2. the dialog CLEARLY STATES that choosing “Yes” to upgrade the configuration to the latest version will erase your personal settings. Why is this then a surprise? Does everyone regulary just hit “Yes” in dialog boxes without reading?

Basically Yes!, but I read it and decided to click Yes.

It wasn’t the nightmare that I had anticipated though. Most of my settings were pretty standard anyway and FTP worked without adding rules (pity the previous version didn’t >:( ).
However Defense+ has to learn everything again, but no real hassle.
Guess if we want the latest and best Firewall we will have to put up with these sort of things from time to time.



I install the v15 and then check “No” to the crash of rules. What is the interest tick “Yes” knowing that the features are still present? It’s necessary to recreate everything?

Thank you all (:NRD)

Same problem here.

  1. Backup settings
  2. Updated to
  3. Choosed YES to apply new features
  4. Imported and selected old settings
  5. nothing…

Settings were imported but it’s a fake. Comodo re-start from zero.
What I have to do for to restore my settings???

It will be nice to import old comodo firewall settings or a tool to convert these old settings to the new file.

Like you I have done this and lost my rules … I finally install the v15, given my rules (with my backup file) and then upgrade to v17 and say “No” to erase the rules … All is ok currently, but I don’t see the real goal of erasing all with this update …