Do Not Track is a myth

Do not Track is just a myth, it dosen’t work the way you think . . . . .don’t trust Do Not Track feature inbuit in your browser

Yes, but this has nothing to do with CIS…
anyway, I use ADblock plus Sandboxie to delete every single cookie after an internet session… 8)

This post has nothing to do with CIS, so I’ve moved it to the relevant forum.

In the future, off-topic posts such as this should be posted in the General Discussion (off topic) Anything and everything… forum.

I think this was already clear when they implemented it. I’m not sure anybody ‘sold’ it as that you would never be tracked…
It was more gentlemen’s agreement with the ad industry.
If ad companies keep ‘ignoring’ it we’ll keep using ad-block and other add-ons… it’s a simple as that.

how about extensions like Ghostery/disconnect. How effective are they?

Please see my article on How to Protect Your Online Privacy and let me know if you have any more questions. I’m always looking for new information to add to the article.


Chiron- Thanks for the constructive information concerning online privacy! It is so much more practical than the useless ramblings of the self aggrandizing ‘malwareexpert’ wannabe that initiated this thread.


using adblock may hit your favuorite website’s revenue and make it difficult for them to run their website . . . . . avoid using adblock

If that’s your concern, create exceptions for the ads you wish to allow…

Never had problems with ADblock…actually is wonderful to surf on internet without ad, specially on some sites…

Would this suggestion have anything to do with the fact that your domains have ads that would be blocked if a visitor used AdBlock? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 88) :P0l

if they have to depend on porn ads, phishing site ads, virus infesting site ads etc to support themselves … tough sh*t.

The only ads that should be on any website are the ones directly referring to that site. If i can’t run my sites on my own income i shut them down. If i have to resort to spam advertising like googleadds, adclick, ad-server etc which actually will and DOES go as far as advertising the competitors on a website just to get a few measly pennies per click. I need a new line of work.
Since i even have a legal notification in my contracts that running ad servers/spam servers at any of my access points gets their access terminated with NO refund and NO reconnection without proof that they were in no way responsible. I have never been lacking in business. I learned the hard way that when click pay systems are on your domain all your other clients start getting spammed by them too.
Ads are pointless. You should only see a list of things you may be interested in when you actively go looking for them. For those of you who like adspam by all means sign up to the adsites/spam mail.
For those of use who are not losers … we will keep our sites adfree with the exception of related services to our site that are not provided by us. Even then only after verifying that the service is worth recommending … not based on how much they pay for referrals.